Monday, August 31, 2009

And Im B.A.C.K.

back at school got class tomorrow..should be interesting im changin my shit up but ill keep yall updated..just puttin the word out that since im in a dorm room ima be postin a lot get ready!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lakeview terrace

no bullshit ive watched this movie like 30 times in the past 2 weeks..and i aint even want to half the time..but fuck it it aint a bad samuel l in it which makes it better..thats the dude he been in hella movies if you think about it and he always does his thing

but anyway im bout to go back to school in 2 days it should get pretty interesting this weekend ill have some stories to tell at plan is to black out the first night and whatever happens happens ima be reckless and those are the best nights..the recession been hurtin my pockets though for real i couldnt cop these shoes i was tryna get..but thats what i get for not workin last week (it was still worth it) anyway since im bout to be in the dorm environment once again the daily posts will be poppin off once again and ima start up the black dr. phil shit bout to go get the back hat ima put it on the site when i get a picture up..shirts comin soon the takeover bout to begin..holla

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Not

okay ima blog tonight..well after the worst stretch in blog history aka 2 posts in july ima try to salvage august which in turn is gonna prob end up the same way..but for real i wanna live in a world where people can know their place sometimes ill see a chick or somethin and i just wanna walk up to her and be like bitch you aint cute..or you aint all that for real just cause they get on my nerves thinkin they the shit..maybe thats me bein a asshole but fuck it..also i feel like some of these nigs need a your not a gangster speech but maybe thats just me also..and another thing why is plies the most hated rapper of all time i mean 99 percent of all niggas hate this dude and he aint even that bad.. if you listen to a cd ill guarantee that you i aint sayin he the next nas or somethin its true he only rap bout like 2 subjects but i enjoy it..but maybe my taste in music is trash..and even if it is i feel like all dudes are allowed to enjoy 2 or 3 rappers that are trash (yes gucci is included lol) since i dont like your average trash ima change it up a bit..anyway im bout to find suttin to occupy my time..and oh yeah 2G's the mixtape will change the game..BACK crew the movement will change the game..and when i get to school yall nigs gonna be jockin my fresh and i love the shit lol.. and all dimes look out..trill