Sunday, May 31, 2009


man for real the only thing that i update less than the blog would be my i be on it for like 3 days then i dont go on it for like 2 weeks..i mean i goon there to see whats good with the people im following but i see no reason to update i dunno man if you got one holla at me lol

why everybody on lebron case for not talkin to the media after the game..i mean if i was him i prob woulda shook hands with the other team just to be a good sport but then the media is really just settin yourself up for failure..after all that work for the whole season and havin the team on your back them niggas not bein that nice got exposed and you already know that emotions were high so they coulda asked him the wrong question and he coulda went off..personally i woulda ever wanna talk to the media cause all they hope to do is get you to do some bad shit...but you aint really famous till you on tmz..speaking of that i got to watch some of the steve-o thing on mtv today and shit was really crazy when they said he became a rapper i was dyin they showed this man with hella guns chillin..then tryin to get arrested and the cop didnt do was all fun to watch to me till i saw that he was signed to universal to put out the album...shit really is fucked up in the rap game but i aint mad at him..when his sister said he was either gonna end up dead in jail or famous she was right that nigga was wild..they said he would go on coke binges for 4 days and just do crazy shit i missed the good part at the end when he went crazy or whatever but ima have catch that..ima prob go in later on some dr phil stuff once again


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Black Dr.Phil

the question can you have your cake and eat it too?
i mean the obvious answer would be no but think about that...these days it seems like if you dont have a side dish your the only person thats gonna be empty at the end of the day...thats part of whats wrong with the world for real but think about it if you dont do what you do and the other half is then in the end you just gonna be double messed up in the game...somebody get me a tv show yo i need to go on oprah son...eff a psychology degree its too easy man
i mean think bout how much money this man dr phil is really making i just need oprah to put me on and im rich automatically no matter what i if oprah said everybody needs to cop the mike g magic life changer and it was a stress ball with a m in the middle i guarantee i would be well to do within the week, then i could just more stuff out and get too rich...thats a good ass life plan i need to get on that



i aint gonna lie i came into this blog post ready to write a play but i dont feel like it no more so ima just go in and see what i can do..okay got my inspiration this nigga game said on a song that he thinks hate it or love it was wack lol imagine the phone call between dre and game that wold be hilarious, and could only be topped by the conversation between game and jay-z cause that nigga really is bipolar but i respect it now we officially have the lakers in the finals i know david stern happy if the cavs make it to i might have to not log on to the internet or watch espn until its over ii mean ima watch the games but its just gonna be niggas deep throating lebron and kobe for real...well actually thats what it is now lol, but itll prob get worse

im on this anti-bluff campaign man i cant take the bluffin anymore i think its officially an epidemic yo like really and another thing some girls really be crazy in the head i be vibing with this drake song right here...

i be on this new shit a ignorant post followed by me on my dr phil shit...let me go get on the dr phil shit

Isnt It Friday Dude?

i know what yall thinkin...this dude stay talkin bout how he out and cant blog but he really gonna be in the house blogging at 1:50 am on a friday night but damn man its a struggle out on these harford county streets..i aint gonna lie i just got in the house but this is when the night is supposed to get good you feel me..but instead your boy is listening to gone fishing and the worst part is i coulda went to the orioles game but mother nature was on her shit thats why i gotta do what im bout to do...

Bluff of the Day: Mother Nature

we cool and everything but damn this whole rain thing is killin me i know the grass needs theirs too..but how you gonna have it raining when the student night goin down not cool dude...if you gonna have it rain just have it rain to the point where they gotta cancel the game cause the clouds gonna keep me away from the game cause i aint tryna waste that gas money you feel me..let stop talkin to mother nature lol thats some other shit

but yeah ima break this damn sidekick it gets back up bluff of the day for deciding to random stop working and only letting certain people call me...this thing coulda made me miss somethin good...but yeah i could go in on a topic for yall but i rather watch these videos of rick ross callin 50 cent a monkey lol this shit never gets old but like cutta tells me this shit is goin to far but ima talk bout that at another time

yo i was read through some of these posts and i stay sayin that ima talk bout somethin at a later date and i never do it lol oh well i be on my shit

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


okay so i was on a search for a topic i felt like writing about tonight cause i didnt feel like going in on the playoffs for like the 30th i stumbled across 'Condomania'(dont ask how) so this is basically a article about AIDS and STD's in edition to teen pregnacy where you can check this out before i go into my detailed analysis ima start with my ways of getting young people away from not using condoms
1) When a couple goes to the clinic to get the abortion or fix for a STD make the parents be present and let their high school know or some shit...i dont care how hard you go(literally LOL) but you wouldnt wanna be known as the dude that had an STD in high school i mean that wouldnt put you on the fast track to prom king lol

2) If a nigga gets a non serious STD let him live with it for alittle while okay im not gonna lie while typing that i knew it was harsh and thats pretty much a joke man cause if not that shit would suck to a new level

i could keep going but ima go in on one of my im just sayin things if you burning let a dude know it will make things better for all partys involved cause if a chick call me 3 days after we have intercourse and tell me bout her herpees somethin very bad might happen for real...while if she tell me before things get to serious the conversation will go like this...

Mikey: So what you wanna do?
Chick: I have to tell you something...
Mikey: Good or bad?
Chick: Both...which one you want first?
Mikey: Bad then good...
Chick: I have herpees
Mikey: Lord have mercy...whats the good news?
Chick: I saved some money switching to geico!
Mikey: Thats whats up...I Appreciate you
Chick: For switching to work there or something?
Mikey: No bitch im talking bout telling me i appreciate it...i think i know a dude that has that too ill give him your card
Chick: Okay thanks...
Mikey: One more thing...
Chick: Yeah
Mikey: Is your friend over there clean?

lol...thats some classic shit but yeah thats how it would go if she told me now heres the phone call three days later if she doesnt

(Mikey's Phone Rings...He sees its the chick)...(yeah i used stage
Mikey: Hello
Chick: How are you
Mikey: Chilling whats free tonight?
Chick: no I have to tell you something
Mikey: Damn...what up though
Chick: I have an STD
Mikey: BITCH!!!!!
Chick: Im sorry
(Mikey does not speak he cannot speak, he will not speak, how could he speak)
(After 3 minutes of her sorrys and his shock)
Mikey: That shit dont transfer through condoms right
Chick: Yeah you should be fine
Mikey: Okay then bitch...
(Mikey hangs up...with a sigh of relief)

moral of the story condoms are good...i aint even gonna post the convo if there was no condom used i feel like ive blogged enough for the day...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For the Ladies...

ive been going through what im going to call the bluffstravagangza over like the past week where the bluffs have been out workin over time which has thus accounted for my first extended stay in my house over break aka 2 straight nights and probably the reason a nig blogging right now lol but yeah i gotta say something to the ladies right now matter fact ima make this its own post hold up...okay thats done but lets go!

i just need the ladies to know that some niggas really are lost causes and you need to understand that i aint one to care what a nigga does if it doesnt effect me personally but ive heard some stories in my time and my only question is why would you go back?? if someone continually hurts you then why waste your time trying to fix your situation...and if you say thats its because of love then ask yourself this if the tables were turned and that other person was gettin hurt would they do the my opinion if you cant answer that question with a yes then something is wrong love is love but love also needs to be a give and take think of it this way humans love animals but we must hurt animals in the way of hunting in order to survive but if we hurt them too much we wont survive...a perfect analogy for love because without stress and strain(which hunting is a metaphor for) you will never truly be able to tell if the love is real because anyone can buy objects and say words but hard times expose real feelings and trust me if the feelings arent real they will be exposed very quickly...with that said i really do feel that there are a lot of people that want to be in love more than they are necessarily in love and need to be able to tell the difference this may be hard cause you will be most unconsciously trying to mask your real feelings but if you can truly look in your heart and find out what you really think...dont hold back holding back inside will hold you back in life thats my quote for the night and its an original from yours truly so just let out how you feel and that will let out a lot more...

after that i feel like a relationship columnist or some shit...The Black Dr.Phil! yeah you already know

Quote of the Day: "holding back inside will hold you back in life"

lets go! send me a question and ima straight start a column why not?


Rap Shit

so its been awhile but back to business...i hate when niggas try to base a person whole rap outlook on certain things i was on 2dopeboyz a week or so back and they posted the first eminem cd and one dude was like if you dont have this then your not a true rap head get off this thinkin to myself this nigga need to shut up cause for real one or two opinions on certain rappers dont make or break if you got good taste or not i aint gonna lie i aint a huge eminem fan and i do enjoy some plies in my life...does that make me a lame i dont think so i still listen to biggie jay nas big l among others i did like eminem when i was little but i just dont connect with it anymore thats why i havent listened to relapse and dont really plan to i mean its just the same thing from that dude everytime not that its not great but im just sayin give me the slim shady and marshall mathers lps any day and im good even the eminem show but then i think it wasnt the same no more...the same can be said for dudes opinion on gucci mane i personally liek him when im intoxicated in some way but can pass when im sober but people make it seem like if you scroll through a man ipod and see some gucci that joint need to be tared and feathered...and i really just feel like if the rappers best material came out before you really listened to rap like that then he shouldnt be in your top 5 me and my man diddy had this conversation once and that was the reason biggie wasnt included (though i might have to give him an exception) thats why im not really a pac fan i just dont relate and i hate when dudes be like you dont like pac oh this nigga a lame man its opinions people...anyway this has to be the longest post in a month plus time im sorry loyal followers(if we have any anymore...LOL)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thoughts Again

okay so ive been chillin listenin to some music and what not and i came to the conclusion that though both are very hard deeper than rap is more enjoyable than the last kiss the only reason i say this is because theres certain songs on the last kiss that i dont really vibe with and the same cannot be said for deeper than not sayin that ross is a better rapper than kiss im sayin total package this leads me to my next thing ross is the most hated rapper in the game right now and if you dont believe me jus check the blogs i mean he was a co and some of the things he says dont help his situation but the nigga can spit or ride a beat whatever you wanna call it cause the beat selection is seriously top notch

on another note the new movement started last night my nigs WHOOTY!! man we outcheah

Just got in the house: drank some apple juice, orange juice, and two kinds of grape juice! Random ass fridge adventure but very enjoyable...holla

Friday, May 15, 2009

Im B.A.C.K.

so ive noticed that after the best months in the blogs history we came at yall with the worst...this is for some obvious reasons aka i aint in school anymore so in my usual blog time im out the house but man the lakers is messin up in the game and the nuggets is lookin serious like almost as serious as the cavs so im thinkin that the end of these playoffs is gonna be a very good look...speaking of good looks shout out to crime pays ive heard a good amount of it and its been a very good look you for me! saving silverman is a good look yo this movie had me dyin joint is stupid for tonight im supposed to be gettin it in some sort of way but i got a feeling its gonna end up very interesting ill keep you posted...speaking of crazy nights i went to college park last week and i was so far gone word to my man and the boy cutta was in another galaxy man it changed my outlook on life i aint doin any reckless shit no more...then the next week im doin some reckless shit lol thats the back lifestyle i guess eggs is callin me keep it trill guys...
Random thought: do animals wake up mid sleep like people I looked at the bird in front of my house and thought that gonna be back on bloggin shit soon holla!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rockets are the only team that is better without their superstars...that's all that needs to be said today...t mac get ready to move my nig

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cooler Than That Guy

man this gone fishing mixtape is really in my top 2 mixtapes of the year so far if not number one so let me put this out there that so far gone by drake was good as shit im not gonna lie but personally i think i liked his mixtape comeback season more probably only because there was more rappin in comeback season but i just like that one a lot if your new onto the drake tip you should def checkout comeback season man...but the cool kids stepped their game up the bake sale is real good i listen to it a lot but when i listened to that gone fishing i was like damn...the rhymes is smooth and the beats are beyond hard like damn i heard the beat on the intro and was like i think this is the hardest beat ever puttin don cannon and chuck inglish together on the beats really is some first team all state shit...i once again ventured onto fl studio again tryna to make these joints and ill probably quit again in like 2 days lol but its all good man im bout to watch this jerry springer for a good laugh it really is enjoyable lol

and oh yeah the cavs are on a whole nother level these days got me thinkin that they might beat the lakers and the lakers got a tough road man them nuggets are lookin real crisp i feel like playoff basketball is a job theres so many damn games to watch but i do enjoy it...keep it trill


Sunday, May 3, 2009


thats what it is we finally steppin up in this blog world...i was thinkin today and after being away from playing football for a year and a half my only sentiment left is fuck allegany(the school that beat us in the state semifinal) like seriously man that might be the only thing i have a legit hate for like i was at school and i saw a girl with a hoody on from that school and i started whillin man only cause we shoulda won man...jtowne all day everyday man but anyway i watched that fight last night pacman vs hatton and DAMN!!! hatton got knocked the fluck out for real like that joint looked like some shit fight night round 3 the pacman plays no just waitin for money mayweather to beat on this one dude in july so pacman mayweather can go down should be a fight for the ages or some shit...i aint really blogged in a minute man but i enjoy this thing feels good to be home i got these beef patties on deck hold up world...

so anyway the orioles have been hurting my soul lately man they need to start winning thats my squad since i have basically given up on rooting on teams in the NFL (still got love for the jags and ravens) and in the NBA the hornets hurt my soul yearly i really got the most love for the orioles outta any team and they consistenly disappoint they are very good at doing it though...wait till i get to camden yards though we gonna have a change of heart of somethin and get this world series i also got love for the nationals cause they goin through the same things we are in baltimore... i just got love for dc in general thats why i fucks with the redskins on the low and the caps get it in man (fuck the penguins lol) but yeah basically orioles all day i feel like dudes should loosely follow every sport shout out to my man james blake in tennis pause for the greatness of these beef patties

since im on this sports shit today let me give yall my predictions about these nba playoffs i got the cavs gettin into the finals pretty easily and the lakers having a close series with the nuggets and barely edging them out then i got the lakers in 6 games over the cavs but lebron will go off in the games and make it interesting im just a fan of good sports and man that bulls celtics series was something else probably 3 of the best games ive seen its crazy lets hope it keeps going in this direction

Possible Track Name: Spittin is a Sport

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gone Fishing!

comes out on the 4th its gonna be dumb hard heres the first leak off of it and the cover the cool kids and don cannon...should have some sick ass beats


this joint called champion im vibin with it