Sunday, June 28, 2009


yo im back on it but its a sad post im sure you know that micheal jackson died a couple days ago its a very sad time sittin here listenin to the thriller album myself i feel like all young cats need to sit back and feel how good he really was..i saw that the kid came out and said that jackson really didnt molest him thats a shame man but really i just think everyone needs to sit back and realize we just lost one of the greatest musicians of all time...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Suck

ever since i came home from school we have sucked at updating.. not to mention that cutta computer is under the weather but anyway ima get BACK on my shit within the next week

Friday, June 5, 2009


yo i been thinkin bout it and i think neyo is gonna go down as one of the best to do what he do cause this man be rockin i dont know anybody who dont vibe with his work..the same could be said for the dream too but i mess with neyo more cause i dont even listen to too much r&b being the rap head that i am but if you let all his joints ride i am gonna have no problems with that..i was watchin that keri hilson video and man him and kanye both ripped that joint man if someone can get me a version of that with minimal keri kilson i would appreciate very much..cause i aint gonna lie i dont really do the whole female music scene but i must say the chick on cookies and apple juice ripped it and the chick that spit on gone fishing ripped it..and also lil kim greatest female rapper..but anyway why isnt there a ranking for the top 5 singers out i guess it would be 1 neyo 2 dream 3 john legend 4 jamie foxx 5 chris brown i aint gonna lie i put no thought or effort into that at all besides the first 2..anyway top 5 rappers doin they thing as of june 5 at 1:46 PM in my book:
1)Rick Ross: Tell me deeper than rap wasnt type classic
2)Cool Kids: Gone fishing-i think im addicted to it
3)Drake: This nigga really took over the game...
4)Kanye: He be rippin..I need a cd
5)Wiz Khalifa: Flight school was hard

I woulda put wale if that mixtape ever come out man i need that in life well i did what i do done for now...holla


so everytime i go to the gym i know im guaranteed to see certain things and it seems like if you dont have them your not an official the naked old white in the locker room(no homo) but everytime its one of these niggas in there its like they pay dude to stand there all day..also you got the muscle bound ass niggas that just bench i oud go to the gym 3 straight days and see a nigga slam benchin like 350 easily big as shit for no you washed up ex college athletes wearin they gear that dont fit anymore aka the villa julie lacrosse player i seen in there yesterday who was round my size with a medium hoody on..niggas need to learn when it time to move on like the nigga on the football team in high school that was marginally good but was always talkin bout takin it to the next level and goes to like some little school and plays thinkin he gonna go to the league and trys to combine it out and shit man personally i felt since i wasnt big enough to go d1 fuck it ima make my millions a different way and from what i seen by dudes who do play d1 they lives suck yo i couldnt wake up at 5 to go lift man i dont even like wakin up at 7:45 for real..but thats just me...another thing about the gym is the sexy ass chick/milf thats doin some easy ass machine or workout aka showin off what she got to everybody and i be seein the ladies thats in their grindin mad as shit cause everybody in the joint know they workin hard to get where she seem like over half of the people in the gym are there for reasons other than strictly workin out but thats a metaphor basically a lot of the time in life you are doing one thing only because of another thing..or maybe thats just me overthinkin dudes and chicks tryna get beach bodies lol holla

Thursday, June 4, 2009


the only thing worse than expect to see a music show on bet is seeing that 106 & park is on and going to the channel and theres no video on just some niggas dancing i want the old days back i can watch 20 episodes of the game before i can see 11 videos i aint sayin the videos on bet were all good but there was at least a chance of seein a good one...
Note to loyal followers: I had a pretty good night which is why I didn't put up a post today but ima go in tomorrow I think ima talk about the gym

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


man being on summer vacation makes me want to take a summer vacation...and my choice is toronto ive been international aka mexico once and i want to expand my borders once again..i think being in toronto will cause for some skool house mischief and a overall good time and isnt that the point of all vacations lol...but for real i want me a canadian chick to show me whats good out there cause for all i know that might be the place i decide to take this random 2 years of living thing to

basically i decided that i wanna move somewhere for 2 years where i can just switch it up and see if i enjoy it at first it was i wanna move to miami but there is so many places just in the country that are interesting that its hurting my ability to choose..i was thinking somewhere warm like florida or the atl but chi town or boston wouldnt be a bad look either...ima east coast type guy so i dont think i could do the central or western time zones but who knows maybe after i graduate ill just apply to a whole bunch of random places and the one that gives me the most money will be where i venture off to..hopefully the winner isnt in harford county maryland but thats not out the question either i guess..i just never wanted to be one of them dudes that always lived close to home hold up i cant be that i go to school in pittsburgh..and for the record that is not on my list of places to live i been there once no reason to do it again lol..i just hope i dont end up in south dakota or some shit where i go to a bar and chill with moose or some shit lol...i just cant see that whole living with the parents thing going down because when im making this money for real ima be on some reckless shit lol and my house wont allow that..but thats the one thing about the future the only thing you can plan for is plans to fuck up and for life to run its course so basically this whole life living plans talk means nothing cause if they offer 150k a year in iraq my ass gonna be chillin with osama lol but seriously the only way the see where you gonna end up is to let yourself go...holla


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New York-How Long Till Charm School?

okay ima keep it real on this one im watchin this new york goes to work thing and now ima let yall know how i feel...the start of her career was when she was on flavor flav show and everybody knew her as the loud obnoxious girl that was always in a fight..after she lost the first season people kinda had her in the head as the one that lost but nothing serious..she comes back for the second season and the same thing happens once again and now her and her mother are pretty much c or d list celebrities..and for the record she lost the second season on purpose i remember she was bout to win they went on the boat and she pretty much made sure that she to tell you the truth that was the smartest decision of her career cause now she was known as the girl that got her heartbroken twice and you could tell that she was going to get her own show..she does and its basically flavs show for another 2 seasons with dudes acting a fool instead of girls acting a fool and i personally feel it wasnt as good because instead of flavs comic relief when crazy shit happened, you now had new york making it even we are officially at the peak of her after getting her heart "broken" four times on vh1 she was done with that and they gave her another spin-off cause someone told her she should become an actor(i dont know who that was) and she tried to do this, it didnt really work and it wasnt a good show at all so i guess sense hit her and she gave up on that dream..and now we have new york goes to work aka new york does jobs that dont seem overwhelmingly hard and bitches about them until she most likely doesnt get 10,000 dollars for doing a shitty job..if i had the same show i would be a very rich man if all i had to do was make beds at a nudist colony for 1 day to make 10,000 i would do it with a hard-on lol..i mean seriously she does do things i wouldnt wanna do everyday of my life for their average pay but 10,000 dollars will have me doing some wild shit..but we all know deep down that her career is almost at that point where your like you were good at what you did go back on another fake love show..they could put her on the love of ray j..or give another celebrity one and throw her on with other washed up flav girls..or they could put her on charm school cause that might make her more entertaining than she has been on her last couple shows..put her the chick that spit on her and 10 other wild chicks in a house and have the host be lala theres the show(no disrespect to lala but she aint gonna take none of their shit..or melo will be called lol) and maybe her celebrity will go back up to the point where it was at one point cause for real this is getting embarrassing to the average watcher..i aint sayin shes not more famous than the average vh1 love show girl..but if your on tv that isnt anything to brag about