Thursday, April 30, 2009


i had an entry last night when i was on another planet and this shit bluffed me i left yall with nothin mad as shit lol im in this struggle deciding if i should go to the club or not ima prob end up goin man you know just for the possibilities man...but i had a verse i wrote on the post that bluffed on me man it wasnt too watchin divorce court yo this show is wild dude got arrested for grabbin his wife yall know how the cops go...yall niggas need to be safe my nig this swine flu is oucheah this not safe out here yo its in maryland im bout to go get fitted for my gas mask lol

Possible Track Of Day: Why Not

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ever been far up in the clouds but done eatin and watchin a good ass movie?? Man I hope I don't asleep this movie too wild ill speak on it tomorrow...Trill

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deeper Than Rap

its deeper than a verse baby...
that cd is fire for real just needed to let the world know this...with no school my life is going into the gutter but i appriciate it im sittin here watchin the view with my mom no homo and this shit is stupid thus why i am blogging kim kardashian on here though so i now have a reason to watch this shit that chick is bad. we all seen the tape i aint gonna lie niggas had me watchin it like 2 weeks ago it was too funny when ray j said when you beating off to this get in your zone lol im mad at this show talkin bout hair she need to show that booty! lol man im bout to get in my zone...

Possible Track Name: Trillin...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Schools Out

okay so its friday and everyone is finally done with finals now most people have went home during the week and the people who havent want to have one last night of the bottles got to poppin and some of these dudes were really tryna go all out aka my roommate and this is how it ended up... this man sleep in the bathroom for like 3 hours straight tellin me that he chillin and he gonna come out to the bed anyway nobody in my building liked my ra cause she wrote people up too much or somethin i aint have a prob with her really but its whatever so some dudes from a random floor came to our floor in the middle of the night and did this (see pics at end of post) they did ask me if i wanted to help but frankly i aint give enough of a fuck to waste my time doing this shit well anyway heres what it looked like...




that shit was wild yo and the dudes that were cleanin it up were mad as shit but you cant be mad at em cause i know i woulda been too

Possible Track Name of the Day: Schools' Out

Saturday, April 25, 2009


im in my own world out here right now man but yo i found out that vladimir is bottled in maryland so ima have to make it to the spot and see whats good needed the world to know this shit my nigs....holla

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Im Free

i feel like a slave after the civil war or some shit...your boy is finally done with school man ive been on my shit today you already know man ima be home on saturday i have a feelin that life is gonna get type wild for the next couple weeks and im all for it for real...i got a new anthem today this jody breeze song too much....

that joint is hard man i gotta pack and shit tomorrow gonna be wild yo...we got the video camera and bottles its gonna be wild trust me ill keep yall posted

Possible Track Name of the Day: Chinese and Cheetos

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sorry Dudes!

to my loyal people that like what i gotta say ive been in this struggle with these finals the past couple days so life has been rough for real but im done tomorrow at 10am so ima destroy the blogosphere tomorrow like i did last week or whatever(shout out to jon for teachin me that word) so yeah i got this math final tomorrow and if i want a B in the class i gotta do good so a nigga gotta study tonight not to mention get some sleep a nigga gotta wake up at 7 or some shit shout out to everyone who knows this struggle man fuck it man im celebrating 420 tomorrow and whatever else happens happens i dunno all i know is to let yall know this week coming up will hopefully make spring break look like some lame shit for real and im gettin frames, and im gettin this studio situation down its gonna be some good shit cutta whats good drew i see you lee! everybody else we poppin bottles got that green on deck back crew steppin up its a movement ima blog for real...cop that deeper than rap that shit is hard heres one of my favorites off the joint


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freestyle Day!

this is what i watch when im bored...

i fucks with the cool kids hard body...gone fishing May 1st!!

Possible Track Name of the Day: Cooler than Usual


Sunday, April 19, 2009


i just want it to be known that we had the most posts ever in one day yesterday that was a good look we really bout to start the movement man we backer than you already gettin my frame game up out here bout to be the freshest framed nigga out md in the near future im watchin this hornets game lets go cp3 really is that dude man so i was listenin to this day26 cd and i fuck with them dudes for real and didy verse on the single is growing on me im not sayin its great but i respect it for some reason i guess its cause money talks you dig...deeper than rap gonna be on some classic shit this aint no mixtape gonna be hard and asleep in the bread aisle is gonna be hard good week for hip hop

Possible Track Name of the Day: Fuck Finals


Help Me!!

Im considering getting some clear frames for the glasses
which ones, neither, or both??



i aint gonna lie i kinda mess with the last one and the i cant decide!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thoughts 2

i just sayin if you think lil wayne is the best rapper ever you should do yourself a favor, write down three valid reasons that support your statement...if amyone can convince me with three solid facts that he is better than biggie jay or nas i will strictly listen to rocko, 2 pistols, and oj da juiceman for 3 the dude is good but he just isnt the best like he dont really spit that thought provoking shit the only valid reason i will accept i can think of is how he floods the street with a whole bunch of music...i aint sayin dude aint good he a good rapper but he aint top 10 you feel me so i gave yall one of the three reasons theres a headstart i only need 2 more reasons then ill download the cds and get ready for 3 months of hell matterfact if someone can get these 2 reasons ill make it those 3 rapppers but no songs with anyone featured...that would make me cry myself to sleep every night lol

okay so besides that shit im doing whatever i can to make myself stay away from these books lol ive been on on the web doing nothing for bout 4 hours straight this shit is great fuck finals a day26 fan yo i aint gonna lie theres some suspect homos in the group i aint gonna lie the show gets type homo at times but both cds are pretty good man and big mike is my nigga for real i feel that dudes struggle bout to listen to asleep in the bread aisle i think ima do my first album review on this joint holla


its your boy and ive been doing research once again my nigs...but this time ive been studying rap strictly and half these dudes is some lame i mean if you sit back and listen to biggie nas and jay z like really line for line and word for word its like 90% of these niggas want to be them and im like yo people need to take a step back to be themselves and just talk bout what they i might call myself the subarbian biggie but you wont hear me spittin some shit like "and i was on the block little niggas wanted drama i grabbed the glock" cause thats not me like the shit is played out i feel like spittin bout gangsta shit and even spittin bout girls is corny to a point unless thats what you really know but i mean its not even that its just some of these niggas is lames to me i dunno man but anyway im on my shit man i got less than 6 days till im back in my county...cutta i seen your little poem joint and that is probably the realest shit ive read in while say that on a beat man we need to get our story out yo...

Snippet of a Verse:
...see personally i chose the latter
but im startin from the bottom dont got a ladder
but somehow im still climbin...

Possible Track Name of the Day: One Man's Pirate


my fault,but...

my fault for these random ass dissapearences from the blogosphere (forgot where i heard that word but i fucks with it) i been handling some things and what not. so any way my fault, but i come bearing gifts peep it. im sitting at the comp researching on some shit for skool and while i was taking down some notes i started to just scribble down random words and stuff (we've all done it) but then shit started coming to together and i dont know this just happened....

Gravity Woes, as shit takes its toll
and of this situation I dont got a hold
then come the thoughts of making cheese and moving packs
i stay in skool to keep my mind off things like that
then my stomach growl and them thoughts
they come right back

so what do I do, a young nigga all broke and confused
I wanna get to better days but dont know what path to choose
for right now, I choose these beats and rhymes, over doing crime and doing time
maybe one day Ill get signed, to a major
for right now, just a Broke Ass College Kid with a music major

If a deal come by chance, Imma take my advance
but I aint buying no chains
Im buying food for kids in Africa to heal their hunger pains
While Im at it, some bottled water to quinch their thirst
Cause the drinking water polluted, to make situations worst
Europeans use the coast to dump toxic waste
This shit a dissgrace, they feel our whole race is a waste

Friday, April 17, 2009

Poem Pt.2

Sometimes down is up and up is down
Left is right and squares are round
Circles have points things are crazy
Roles reversed no cops to taze me
The rich are poor and the hood is ridic
My people have money the parties are sick
This is a world that I haven't seen
But I can still pray on a quest for this green

Possible Mixtape Name is conditionally over with cause of the last one I fuck with we are now doing possible track names and ima start with one that's definite

Possible Track Name of the Day: Natty and Vlady


ps this my first phone blog so it might look crazy that was a fail lol holla

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Newest Deal

okay so Ive been doing some reading bout the stimulus package and from what ive read im not gonna lie its not perfect but some people are taking this alittle bit too far...there were these "tea parties" yesterday basically about the stimulus and how upper middle class people have to pay more for their taxes which is true but they cant understand what this money does... also i saw people with signs that said taxation without representation i know this was a type formal entry so far but...are people really that fucking stupid i mean damn like do they even know what shit means losing an election and not having what you want to happen happen is not fucking comparable to the american revolution i mean damn that shit pisses me off not only did you vote for the president you voted for senators and members of the house of representatives so fuck get that shit out of here its really absurd to me...and for real the money is going to good places like repairing the intrastructure of the nation and i also read that there is money going to businesses that will help create over 2 millions jobs i mean is that not good or something?

and for those who feel that the stimulus itself was a bad idea NYU economics professor said that without any stimulus we would end up in a very severe recession and i dont know about you but personally i like my house and possessions...also some feel that the stimulus should have included more money because the infrastructure needs to be repaired a lot people need to understand that it order for jobs to be created we need business to receive more money in order for businesses to receive money somebody has to give it to them and whos gonna give it to them besides the government??? i mean i cant i wouldnt if i could probably so stop searching for the bad and think for a minute about the good

i mean im no economics expert i mean i dont even have an a in intro to econ and im surely not a politican im just a dude in college tryin my best to understand whats goin on with this and give yall my take you know what i mean so dont try to cruify me

while i was doing my research i tried to search youtube for clips about the new deal and the new stimulus package and i tried to watch this shit from fox news and i couldnt even do it like should change the name of the network to fuck democrats, or we rich it would at least convey what you bout to watch the shit is cause like i was tryna see the things were bad with the package but it seemed more like personal attacks to me...but at the end of the day what do i know?

this is me on my type editorial shit lol and the main point of this is too show that people need to stop hating its not perfect but it will work in my opinion and basically give it a chance...


To Go Off Lee

for real it seems like some girls want to get hurt they have the opportunity sometimes to try and start somethin good with a good dude but they wanna go back to a dude that does em dirty...and it seems like they never believe people when they are told dude cheats or somethin...i mean no matter what you think if over 5 people tell you the same rumor its most likely true relationships get messed up over this type of stuff this just aint to females either if i have a really close friend and they tell me that my girl is messin with another dude ima believe them dont think that they tryna mess my situation up i mean come on now people we need realize things arent always what you want them to be life is real...and on the tip of not being your type lee was right if you never gave dude a chance then your wrong in the situation for all you know minus looks dude could be your perfect match sometimes its deeper than looks

and to my nig lee thats some real rap you spit my dude we need to drop a track on this topic you already know man 8 days till g is back

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Hear to Bring the 90's B.A.C.K.

yo i think that is says everything that needs to be said in the title how yall feel bout that cause im really tryna bring that 90's rap scene back or do what i can man


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words By Lee

Why waste time on a guy that doesnt
understand you or know wat you want an
like, instead of accepting the guy who knows
you from head to toe what you want an wat you
dont? Its like having two choices either get the car
of your dreams with every detail runs just how you want
it or build the car of your dreams by yourself havin to constantly
fix it an test it over an over putting months an months of hard work
into it just for it to fail? You get what i'm saying? I've heard this quote so
many times used dont judge a book by its cover but its usually used for women.
But why dont yall try that, put aside your pride an try something new thats why
your living right to have fun an try new things, not be stuck up an bitchy! Like
i've got to know so much more stuff just by datin an talking to all sorts of races
religions. People always say hard work pays off but if you were given the easy
path with no strings attached would you take it? I mean for most obviously not
bc if you ever turned down a guy who wasnt bad lucking an knew what you
needed for a guy who you think no let me correct that who you want to know
you like that you chose the hard way. Then you get mad an cry when your
heart is broken, but look what you did to that guy that was willling to go all
out for you, wouldnt you call that karma. I mean come on now it doesnt hurt
to take that risk yall risk everything on that one guy everyone knows will hurt
you dont you? When people were tryin to tell you he cheating and messin
around with other girls you ignored that fact. But if you datin someone
less popular an not as good lookin as the other guy an your friends start
talking about it your all open ears an you ready to break up with hin.
I mean just think where we'd be if no one in the world took risks. The
moral is fuck what people saying when someone knows how to treat you
take it if you turnin him down for someone who your on the fence with
your asking to get hurt. Get to know a guy before you judge a guy bc for
all you know he may change your life in a good way so stop being
so stuck up hell bent on what you think you need an open your eyes an
ears! Just think about that instead of letting it go into one ear an out the other!

P.S. For the ones that say he aint my type! How do you know your type when you havent even been with every guy. Thats like havin 3 pieces of cake in front of you an you eatin one an sayin this is my favorite one!

thats some real shit on the overview ima read it later and say my thoughts



im goin in to this koint with no type of direction its a freestyle blog well fuck it lets go!...ive been tryna to get my old school rap game up as i probably talked bout before and i been on my new york shit aka biggie jay z and nas i got this big l also but i decided that i wanna get some different vibes and go on my own route so im bout to start vibin to straight blues albums im talkin bb king otis redding that type shit cause thats my shit im try to infuse into some story telling and what not...shit is real out here man i got these finals comin up (good thing im listening to blues lol) i cant take this shit man im tryna fast forward through this shit man i cant take it...9 days though we gon make it after that its B.A.C.K. on some other shit ima be type reckless and tryna get it in at all costs so harco holla at me early on the 25th it goes down man

im tryna get some back crew shirts made its gonna go down...its a movement well nah its not but hopefully it can become one lol see if you can tell one thing from the blog its that we real nigs man i aint tryna fake to nobody man we just livin life spittin and chillin and doin this school thing...even though it type sucks man all i know is i got class at 9 and its 1:30 fuck blogging i think im addicted i gotta do it at least once a day but fuck it its freeing and what not i think the second poem might go down tomorrow we'll see though...till then keep it trill folks its mikey over and out

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Undeniably Deniable

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Im Just Sayin...

okay this some real talk from yours truly man...

i aint gonna lie music has to be downloaded for a couple reasons first of all ima broke ass college kid seld explanatory second being in college how am i gonna get to best buy (could do itunes but aint really into tht)

pause...i need to let it be known that if i really fuck with the music i will buy it my first bootleg i ever bought on a trip to new york was common-be listened to it twice and then made a trip to best buy...and when i get home i gotta cop the last kiss and the bake sale in their plastic packaging i just feel bumpin to the real cd makes the experience alittle more enjoyable...

back to business half these niggas i download are lucky they even got in like 2 days ago i listened to black milk-tronic and now i fucks with him officially being so many rappers in the world a nigga can only pay for so much

oh yeah the point of this whole entry when i was obtaining some music last night this virus tried to catch me slipping fuck all viruses man...the protection was too strong my dude ima call it trojan lol

with all that said april 25th when im on them jtowne streets the last kiss and deeper than rap will be purchased cause im in the business of supporting good also tryin to be involved in making good free music but will see how that goes i feel like the name of the mixtape kinda creates the vibe and without a good name the shit wont work and with all these possibles havent been cuttin it for me...midway through that sentence i think i thought of a good one youll see when i get to that part anyway like when you hear a hard ass name to a tape you know its gonna bump man maybe thats just me

my fantasy basketball team got like 3 days left in the championship round and this shit been tied for over 2 weeks fuck! somebody win already...just saw notorious today that was a good ass movie i appreciated it bout to go watch fade to black holla!

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Suburbian Blues...

Monday, April 13, 2009


my first happened by mistake
i find it kinda trill though

you were on top im on the bottom
so you learned how to ride em
but its not in that sense its different
happy im sad well im not sad you happy
ima proud dude ima keep it nappy
meaning real it for real
and for real fuck how you feel
im real chill never mess with feelings
so you ponder whats my feelings
am i sad nah i never really cared
thats true feelings bet i got you scared
i see you watching and i never take a glare
steady on my own road follow no one
and you on a parallel road but a slow one
watchin wishing we was that the same pace
but its been awhile since we was in the same place

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day Pt.2: B.A.C.K. Poetry Jam

Sunday, April 12, 2009

K'Naan On Piracy

As the first pirate attack of a U.S. ship in 200 years comes to a climax, I'm re-posting an essay I solicited and received several weeks ago from K'naan, a Somali-Canadian singer and activist. A video of a performance by K'naan that I filmed at the All Points West music festival last summer appears below. Michael Vazquez
Why We Don't Condemn Our Pirates
by K'naan

Can anyone ever really be for piracy? Outside of sea bandits, and young girls fantasizing of Johnny Depp, would anyone with an honest regard for good human conduct really say that they are in support of Sea Robbery?

Well, in Somalia, the answer is: it's complicated.

The news media these days has been covering piracy in the Somali coast with such
lop-sided journalism, that it's lucky they're not on a ship themselves. It's true that the constant hi-jacking of vessels in the Gulf of Aden is a major threat to the vibrant trade route between Asia and Europe. It is also true that for most of the pirates operating in this vast shoreline, money is the primary objective.

But according to so many Somalis, the disruption of Europe's darling of a trade route, is just Karma biting a perpetrator in the butt. And if you don't believe in Karma, maybe you believe in recent history. Here is why we Somalis find ourselves slightly shy of condemning our pirates.

Somalia has been without any form of a functioning government since 1991. And although its failures, like many other toddler governments in Africa, sprung from the wells of post-colonial independence, bad governance and development loan sharks, the specific problem of piracy was put in motion in 1992.

After the overthrow of Siyad Barre, our charmless dictator of twenty-some-odd years, two major forces of the Hawiye Clan came to power. At the time, Ali Mahdi, and General Mohamed Farah Aidid, the two leaders of the Hawiye rebels, were largely considered liberators. But the unity of the two men and their respective sub-clans was very short-lived. It's as if they were dumbstruck at the advent of ousting the dictator, or that they just forgot to discuss who will be the leader of the country once they defeated their common foe.

A disagreement of who will upgrade from militia leader to Mr. President broke up their honeymoon. It's because of this disagreement that we've seen one of the most decomposing wars in Somalia's history, leading to millions displaced and hundreds of thousands dead.

But war is expensive and militias need food for their families, and Jaad (an amphetamine-based stimulant) to stay awake for the fighting. Therefore, a good clan -based Warlord must look out for his own fighters. Aidid's men turned to robbing aid trucks carrying food to the starving masses, and re-selling it to continue their war. But Ali Mahdi had his sights set on a larger and more unexploited resource, namely: the Indian Ocean.

Already by this time, local fishermen in the coastline of Somalia have been complaining of illegal vessels coming to Somali waters and stealing all the fish. And since there was no government to report it to, and since the severity of the violence clumsily overshadowed every other problem, the fishermen went completely unheard.

But it was around this same time that a more sinister, a more patronizing practice
was being put in motion. A Swiss firm called Achair Parterns, and an Italian waste company called Achair Parterns, made a deal with Ali Mahdi, that they were to dump containers of waste material in Somali waters. These European companies were said to be paying Warlords about $3 a ton, whereas to properly dispose of waste in Europe costs about $1000 a ton.

In 2004, after a tsunami washed ashore several leaking containers, thousand of locals in the Puntland region of Somalia started to complain of severe and previously unreported ailments, such as abdominal bleeding, skin melting off and a lot of immediate cancer-like symptoms. Nick Nuttall, a spokesman for the United Nations Environmental Program, says that the containers had many different kinds of waste, including "Uranium, radioactive waste, lead, Cadmium, Mercury and chemical waste." But this wasn't just a passing evil from one or two groups taking advantage of our unprotected waters. The UN envoy for Somalia, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, says that the practice still continues to this day. It was months after those initial reports that local fishermen mobilized themselves, along with street militias, to go into the waters and deter the Westerners from having a free pass at completely destroying Somalia's aquatic life. Now years later, the deterring has become less noble, and the ex-fishermen with their militias have begun to develop a taste for ransom at sea. This form of piracy is now a major contributor to the Somali economy, especially in the very region that private toxic waste companies first began to burry our nation's death trap.

Now Somalia has upped the world's pirate attacks by over 21 percent in one year, and while NATO and the EU are both sending forces to the Somali coast to try and slow down the attacks, Black Water and all kinds of private security firms are intent on cashing in. But while Europeans are well in their right to protect their trade interest in the region, our pirates were the only deterrent we had from an externally imposed environmental disaster. No one can say for sure that some of the ships they are now holding for ransom were not involved in illegal activity in our waters. The truth is, if you ask any Somali, if getting rid of the pirates only means the continuous rape of our coast by unmonitored Western Vessels, and the producing of a new cancerous generation, we would all fly our pirate flags high.

It is time that the world gave the Somali people some assurance that these Western illegal activities will end, if our pirates are to seize their operations. We do not want the EU and NATO serving as a shield for these nuclear waste-dumping hoodlums. It seems to me that this new modern crisis is truly a question of justice, but also a question of whose justice.

As is apparent these days, one man's pirate is another man's coast guard.

...thats it for today

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Pirates of the Burbs

True Life

I swear mtv has gone down the gutter these days i am watching true life im addicted to porn...nigga i done seen some dumb episodes of this show but porn does not really fuck people lives up damn son that shit is stupid...i told myself i wasnt even gonna blog tonight but damn yo this nigga say he is a chronic masturbator nigga please mtv step your game up get some real shit on these airwaves...and maybe a music video or 2 i remember back in the day when i could at least watch a video at 3 in the morning while im chillin and this nigga on the show gay! fuck im whillin

on another note hope you had a great lee out here tryna find some new frames to cop so i can be fresher than usual like usual style extra crucial! i seen observe and report it was a funny movie besides 30 min in the middle that are random as hell but it wasa mantinee my nigs only 5! i swear next movie date i go on will be a mantinee and dinner step your game up nigs aint even cheap shit its spending a whole day up...but you aint ballin like that for some reason im whillin lol

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: True Life of True Life

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's LEE DAY!!

my nigga j lee ive been going through some old shit and i decided that the world need to hear this shit...this nigga be spit be on the lookout for the B.A.C.K. mixtape g lee and cutta on the beat you already know my nigga

J Lee


Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: B.A.C.K.: G, Cut and Lee

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Weeks

only got two more weeks of this shit left man! thats what it is for real i just need to let it be known that family guy is the funniest show oucheah man this shit has me consistently dying on a daily basis and the simpsons too i need to start writin some tv pilots or some shit lol

but for real tomorrow im bout to get it in with my nig trice and hopefully unveil some shit to the world that should be pretty good...i was watching making the band today i swear that shit is either type fake or them niggas is type gay but its whatever either way i still fucks with the still whillin over how hard the last kiss is like that shit is prob the best album of the year so far in my opinion until deeper than rap you already know...

Possible Mixtape Name of The Day: Two Weeks Notice



almost forgot to blog today but im up on my game my niggs...all im sayin is the orioles are 2-0 wait till i get home and the first friday night game goes down parking lot pimpin on me you already know...niggas sleepin on the o's when we take the al east ima be whillin best team in the league

the last kiss is fire for real the song with jeezy is too hard

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Not City but Still Charming

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All I'm Sayin...

i got this test tomorrow man...fuck school this gonna be a quick one yo

i can't wait till april 25th man not only am I done with this school shit...i will also be back in md gettin it in itll be a good change of pace man fuck school for real...we gonna be oucheah on another level for real anyway i just listened to the last kiss this shit is hard for real

long post tomorrow for real...

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: School's Out


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cool Kids

i fucks with these dudes...hard body

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fruit Loops

my day today consisted of studying and trying to make a good beat...instead of tryna make an amazing one i said fuck it made 3 okay joints and ima write a verse to em tomorrow it should be straight i guess

this beat making shit is really hard work i guess its cause i hae no idea what im doing besides a 20 minute youtube video...i guess i kinda went in i should prob just leave that shit to cutta lol...but fuck it ima go back to what i do best tomorrow and accomplish some shit maybe even put it on the blog but well find out

the last kiss come out tomorrow ima have to listen to that shit for real i aint get a chance yet heard it was good as though hopefully it is cause kiss is that nigga and the kiss my ass mixtape was hard as fuck

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Fruity Loops and Fruit Loops


Animal Planet

these dudes stole my saturday yo im still heated but anyway...

ive been watchin animal planet allday man and this shit got me scared of the outdoors megacondas(big ass snakes), death worms, and all this other shit man this could be some real shit but fuck it i wont be in the outdoors anyway...they got this show where they reenact times when these animals that havent been discovered yet like the deathworm could have possibly killed the person and this shit was gettin wild in the one the dudes straight cryin and shit but it looked hella fake... all im sayin is you should do yourself a favor and put the tv on animal planet and lose the remote its really a good look

im bout to play with mixcraft for alittle while...

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: B.A.C.K. Vs. Wild

yeah thats straight cause of my animal planet day


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why I Hate Engineering

i gotta wake up at 7:30 tomorrow for a fucking conference...i gotta watch people talk about shit they dont care about for like 7 hours and then talk bout some shit i barely care about for like 15 minutes man fuck this shit...they lucky it aint nice outside or they would have had a leant ass gordon talkin bout whatever he felt like...

2gs the mixtape may actually go down the first song was recorded earlier tonight it still needs to be completed but sounds very good hopefully yall will hear it soon

fuck school im bout to sleep

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Can I Get A Re-Grade?

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Eye

so im walkin today you know livin my life on a beautiful day i like to listen to some music when i walk and i look around alittle...since it was so nice out i did somethin i am usually dont do, i got dumb ass fresh to go to class im talkin flightposites o's hat fresh tagless you know how i do but yeah i got the eye and shit...half yall niggs know what the eye is its an interaction between a male and female on that we both know whats good tip...and i swear yo everytime i get the eye and dont bag im either disappointed in myself or mad it couldn't go down i know you feel only thing worse than gettin the eye and not executing is when you get repeated eyes from the same person...its like damn maybe its true that we never talked but you already know what it is...

anyway on some other shit in this nice weather i stepped my game up aka i got 2 bags of fruit of the loom tagless(i fuck with them more then the hanes for real) and some bout to step the hat/shoe game up also i feel like i got one of the crucialest hat games at pitt bout i guess well see cause im bout to let these niggs know man

im lookin into a new second home when i get bck to MD aka a recording studio yeah im really tryna get it in...well 8am friday class is callin me but ima start some new shit ima post a possible mixtape name everytime i blog

Possible Title of the Day:

The Chronicles of Gordon: The Rhyming, The Chicks, and The Wardrobe

lol...i fucks with that one!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

okay so you know we at skoolhouseback are always down for some fun so we had to have a little trickery go down today...

enter my man francis this dude is hilarious so me and a couple dudes on the floor decide to take the white board out from under his we in dorm rooms so without the white board its straight mattress barely sittin on where the board go, and then the ground...he bout to go to sleep and im talkin to him after i walk out i hear a bang and he says ahhh fuck!! hilarious then he was whillin while im sittin in my room he calls my phone and i give him the board...this dude said he was threatening people and shit lol it was great...

so since you fine people are reading this i guess you also have not been hit with the virus to end alll viruses(bluff!) man i aint gonna lie though i had to step my virus protection game up cause if i lose access to my shit ima be sad yo...i think microsoft straight had the dude who made that shit killed cause the bounty was 250 thousand i mean shit if i knew where dude was i woulda took alittle vacation myself you dig...

shout out to tina i told you i was gonna shout you out....i feel like i aint been on the blog in a minute...cutta drew n marc came out here last week and we got it in that was needed man them niggs loved it too man

i was on tv last friday that was also some cool tryna get my local celebrity game up you already know...umm i wanna really state a date that ima drop this mixtape that needs to go down right now i wanna say early june i think it will really go down, i wanna start thinkin of names for it right now i have possibles as, We B.A.C.K., Rough Times in Good Places, or I Guess It Could Be Worse... , those will be if im on that fuck college talk if not then ima make it Schools In Session...fuck it if you got a good name let me know I aint cocky ill give you credit lol