Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

from the skool house/back crew have a merry or happy whatever you celebrate we dont discriminate around here. just hope you got what you wanted...but remember its all about the Holla!

T'was the night before

What it is everybody?!?! Just a lil mini post since we've been slacking on that this week.We did a power hour last night so I spent all xmas eve recovering (sleeping my ass off and chilling). Well its night time now and the fam den put the gifts under the tree and went off to sleep, so you know I raided that liquor stash. I made a cup of henne mixed with some eggnog (only cause we don't have any coke) and a cup of some random mixed with pamagrant juice (hey ionno why). I only made two cups cause I aint want to get too tipsy by myself ( that would make me a loser). So now Im wide awake and buzzing, I walked pass the tree earlier and it looks like the boy gotta keyboard for xmas. Thats whats up, that lets me know that the fam know Im forreal about this music and they support me. I cant wait to see what sounds Imma get outta that thing but know its going be ...... Im sorry I cant think of a word to describe my musical genius rite now. Words like hard, trill, ill, good, great, killa, awesome, crazy, or dope just wouldn't do it justice and I refuse to settle. So Im off to enjoy the rest of my buzz. Happy Holidays yall!!! B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Night

man last night we had a ball for real made a couple audios and videos for real but due to some technical difficulties they arent ready to hit the net. dont worry though we will have that comin soon. me and cutta made a joint earlier in the day that should be a legit song too. also he played me this beat last night it had me goin wild its the hardest beat of all time. ima rip it soon, i just felt as though yall needed a post cause we really been slacking for the past week. okay well the content is really bout to come extra soon. now im bout to customize my blogger profile or whatever cause ive been sleeping on that holla!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


whats good...we been on this back crew shit all week(aka playin madden till 4am) and its been straight but today its goin down kev slut ass comin home (shout out to kev) and we plan on startin this recording shit. readin what you've read on here so far it probably will end up with at least two crazy stories from us..and we gonna post em and hopefully we can get some video blogs up too r somethin we on this skool house shit man we gonna keep you posted on the lookout for this shit im bout to go get ready and get this day started

hold up shout out to the man jlee cause this dude takin a math final as we speak and he textin me with questions we gon get this man an a ya digg

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ruthless Toothless

Just got 2 teeth pulled, this shit feel weird. They trying say only eat soft foods like bread, apple sauce, and some other wack shit. Me being me Im like man Imma eat what I wanna eat so yeah, I chilling here with a microwaved 2 day old slice of pizza and Im trying to do work but I cant lie without my 2 canines its a struggle out here man. Waiting on Mikey to hit me so we can roll up to Gentlemens Edge (shout out to Vinny) I aint getting my shit shaped up cause Im broke and dont got 15 to spare at the moment. But I will be the freshest broke dude out here on these streets watch for me. Im just going cause I expect it to be an experience like always....B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Quote of Saturday Night

MikeG: " Oh you trying yeah?"

Cutta:"Nah she dont go like that"

MikeG:"Nigga she go like that she just dont know she go like that, you gotta let her know she go like that"

Cutta:(letting it soak in) "...... Yeah yo you right, thats some good philosophy right there good looks my nigga"

lmfao classic tymes with the crew...B.A.C.K. crew whaddup...Im not sure if that classifies as philosophy but its real

Quote of Sunday Night

Jlee: "I dont know what was in that weed but my life is a movie right now!!!" lmfao

Good times with the crew....B.A.C.K. crew whaddup

Sunday, December 14, 2008


ive been on this college mission for the past couple months and now the boy got a couple weeks off to chill and all those things. so last night my first night back me and the nigs went out and did alittle of what we do you already know but me and cutta came to the conclusion the this back crew thing is bout to revolutionize being broke college kids by being the freshest niggas out here. man we had a little cypher too, i just had to let yall know the spittin comin soon, now a nig bout to watch some ball and listen to some shit i think ima do that wale highline ballroom performance that shit fire matter fact heres the link

Click Here <--Wale - Highline Ballroom Full Performance

Well go jags(even though these niggas suck...) and ravens

Skool house what up, back crew whats good

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stumbled on to something

So yeah I should be studying for this math final, but instead Im doing what I do best. Listening to music, downloading music, blogging about music, etc. And I hate it when ppl make videos or something and then give it a tittle that they know ppl will click on (like lil wayne or something).
Im looking at Kanye videos and a bunch of randoms keep popping up. They were tittling their videos 808's and heartbreak to get views. But this one video/song by this dude i never heard of (I think he goes by Waxeom) was hard ass shit. I think I stumbled on a pot of gold with this one.
On that note I heard Wale's-Pot of Gold ft. Daniel Merriweather today. Also some hard shit, and in my opinion the third verse in both of these songs is the trillest. Check this shit out by that dude whats his name, The Adventures of Larry and Tina....

Peace Imma go study now...maybe. B.A.C.K. crew whaddup

Written by man Abbas

There are often things in life that we take for granted. We never truly realize how much they mean to us until they leave us forever. At the moment they do, we become empty; mere shells of who we once were. Undeniably one of those things is love. When we have a chance to win it, we never truly try to, and hope that it will one day find its way to us. In wait and in our own vanity we lose this one thing that has the power to make or break us. Once it leaves us we live in that great regret and think back to all that it could have helped us become. From that point on we are plagued by the question of “what if we had tried harder?” so don’t live in regret. Keep the one you love warm in the fire of passion from your heart. Never let her hand go, because as long as it is in yours, you are complete. A man without love is a man without a soul. An empty shell; a being that has nothing and hence is nothing.

Thats some deep shit..I like it

Wale - Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold <--Link

This song is extra hard


The Industry

Just finished this math final and its official. I dont give a fuck about nothing, fuck the 2 finals i got on friday ima do alittle studying but the caring is completely gone.

I just read the nigga cutta posts and yo the wale brother ali joint you right the dude did smash that song. So when i first heard it yesterday I did some research on the man and saw that he has 2 cds that were proclaimed classics and hes been on tour around the world among other things. Now the question I pose is how can someone with a great flow like that not great mainstream notice but the dude soulja boy is runnin around the industry like the king?? Someone explain it to me.

I just saw a video of soulja boy talkin reckless like he usually does but this time about charles hamilton. Now I like a lot of rappers but of the new ones out (10 freshmen or whatever) charles hamilton is 2nd if not the best with wale being right there with him (DMV what up) and Ive heard hamilton freestyle and damn he might be one of the best ive heard, so im watchin this video and im like why would soulja boy do it to himself.

Then I start thinkin about it and I notice that he dont give a fuck he just gonna start conflict make his swag music or whatever the fuck. Thats whats wrong with the industry man that nigga suck to me.

Another thing i was on the blogs like i do everyday and I came across some shit that was like wale said he lived in DC then moved to pg county (Cutta/Chapel Rd whats good) but he didnt say he moved to moco or some shit (diddy I see you) so hes a fraud and he wont make it. what the hell does that have to do with what he does the dude got flow and does his thing but since you cant get a street address inside a city the dude must kill himself? Fuck it im on my suburban shit. my black suburban rap.
im also on my epic trilogy shit, rap morgan freeman

Final Finale

First thing First after my Final Final on Friday(see I learned alliteration my english professor would be proud) im going home and im going to sleep. Nah not being a lazy nigga just havent had a real/good nights sleep since sept.2. This staying up doing work till 3 and waking back up at 6 just to make it to a 8 oclock lecture and start the cycle all over again has taken its toll. While taking the final for this 8 oclock class, I was bubbling in an answer on the scantron and caught myself dozing off (fyi when in doubt B it out). Real random, of all the times to fall asleep during a final(not promoting it) while reading a boring essay question, thinking about an answer to a boring essay question, or when spacing out from time to time, I almost fell asleep while I was bubbling an answer. So im shooting for a mini hybernation I dont need alot just like a good 5 or 6 hour slumber and im good. And im unplugging everything, turning my phone off and taking the battery out(go hard or go home). I hope the house dont catch on fire or nothing while im sleep cause imma be gone, im trying to be legally declared dead in 7 states for these 5 to 6 hours. But please believe when I awake im trying get into some reckless ish B.A.C.K. crew whaddup. Oh yeah but first this girl going come over and imma show her how to work a lil something in the kitchen, cause how you going mess with me and not know how to cook lol. But after that yeah its going down.
B.A.C.K. crew whaddup

Wale my man and everything but...

I just listened to that wale ft. brother ali 2nd time around joint and damn!!!

Now wale is my dude, my ace, my go to guy for substance flow and I never really listen to brother ali (to tell the truth never really heard of em). Wale started it off and it wasnt bad, but it was nothing special just a classic, general wale verse. Then brother ali came on and killed it. I mean damn!!! I hope he wasnt talking bout wale in his verse cause, that was some straight ill. Speaking on how stuff is in the industry, these record labels, wack mcees, producing lyrical content for the audience, etc. Just venting, seemed like he been waiting to exhale on that one. Straight fire, imma fan now.

B.A.C.K. crew whaddup

Monday, December 8, 2008

Flyer Than The Rest Em

I don't like to brag too much (about my clothes anyway...) but I look through my closet and I see some fly ass shit. But anyway to my point ima college student if you didn't know, I go to the university of pittsburgh and on the weekends I get fly if I go out and I stunt off lol. But when I go to class im in a white tee and im just tryna go learn or whatever and mind my business. Now I see a good amount of people a day and most of them are like me but you always see a couple dudes wearing their freshest outfits and stuntin off like their the king of campus. Now im nobodys father but why the fuck would you try to look good in a learning environment I dont get it.

Another thing if its the weekend and you tryna look good at a party nothin wrong with that cause the back crew/skool house is a coalition of fresh ass dudes but dont try to hard man dont try to wear some shit to look extra cool that might not work if you do best bet you gonna look like an asshole. Like i saw a guy in the mall when i was home for thanksgiving and he had on the red and black shoes with the red tee and the red and black hat , then he had on a gray hoody with some red on it. you can tell when a dude think they fresh too and he clearly did. Man come on now, i been on both sides of the arguement before I proclaimed myself a fresh nigga (sorry for using the not that i didnt want to be one. I never tried to do some shit to look cool or make my wardrobe do more than it could thats the problem with dudes these days. IF YOUR NOT FRESH DONT TRY TO BE. get a job and work your shit up drop a couple hundred on some shoes and hats then fuck with me. Cause man the shoe/hat game is getting up there especially being straight made off of a part-time job.

I like having a blog yo, that rant felt good man. Umm now I gotta go get ready for these finals yo...this week sucks for college students for week we puttin the music up its goin down the studio gettin built in the meanwhile holla at me

B.A.C.K. 2 B.A.C.K.

Skool House whaddup, B.A.C.K. crew whaddup, hello world whaddup. The name is Jon aka about a million and one alias's sooooo yeah.... To add on to the homie mike g, I gotta introduce the dude Kev aka the man. A Broke Ass College Kid out at Frostburg University and a freshman starter on the football team. Shout out to my man Rich from skool with the dope beats and dope flow.

On another note:
So im in home depot with ma dukes and grand ma dukes. they looking at christmas stuff lights and what have you. im looking at prices for inslation and a sound barrier board beacuse we're building a recording booth in my basement. after i get done pricing the stuff i meet my folks at the checkout. while standing there i notice this old lady just starring and being a 6ft 4 balck dude with dreads residing in harford county im used to the occasional stare or double look. then i noticed she had a crew with her two deep behind her another old head and a middle age man, and they was staring too. so while texting the homie mike g the prices of the stuff and what not i would look up every once and a while and throw a wtf stare back but they just kept at it,which threw me off i just thought the hatred was strong with them. then me and my grandmother started walking out and she stopped to put her sunglasses on. so i turned around to wait for her and i saw the old broad pointing down at me (she thought my back was still turned walking away) she was pointing at my jersey, i was rocking my clinton portis away jersey and my redskins hat. then she started mouthing some shit to her old goonies behind her and her pointed finger turned to a thumbs down then she threw it on the ground and stomped it out...yeah with authoity, and her goonies started laughing. they looked down and saw me and i just smilled and shook my head saying the skins was going win then their laugh turned into icegrills so i started icegrilling back then it got to that point where i thought it was about to go down. then my grandmother got her shades on and we just dipped. it wouldnt have been fair anyway, ma dukes was in the car waiting so it woulda been their three to our two. i guess they was feeling hot off of that fake beef the ravens swear they have with the know "Battle of the Beltway" whatever what have you.

So with all that said:
the battle of the beltway is a nice little slogan or whatever but ravens fans WE (the redskins) DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. we dont even ever think about you at all untill the week in some cases the day we play yall. i dont think any team in the whole league thinks about yall. yall just want to rival with somebody so bad. when the skins think rivals only one team is spoken of the cowboys...lead by tony homo no romo (haha pig latin). thats a real rivalry that goes back ancient times,many many many super bowls ago,back before i was born, back when yall were still the Baltimore Colts, back with artmonk, back with naismith. so fall back.

B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Okay what up world...Its Mikey G let me tell everybody about the crew. The Skool House/BACK crew is a crew of Broke Ass College Kids ya digg it. Its me, my man Jon aka J Cutta, my man J Lee, the homie BK, and that dude Drew among others but thats the circle.

We got this music thing trying to happen its bout to go down. When we say broke ass college kids its some real talk we all in school, this tuition thing is a bitch man. Im just tryna help out my situation you cant be mad at me.

Ima get back at yall later and when it goes down hopefully you'll know.

Over and out. !G!