Saturday, January 31, 2009


ross gonna beat 50

i said it...
i aint takin it back
if you compared the 5 lines in mafia music to 50 diss he won round 1 50 got the funny ass video though but im waitin for them to get to the music i think ross bout to prove himself on the lyric tip...hopefully its possible he gets destroyed...but for real as long as they spittin and not straight doin the youtube video shit back and forth im all for it

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jay Z

I have been listening to jay z for the past couple hours and Ive decided that he the best of all time(shout out to and ediddy for his thought page for having me think bout this) cause for real i mess with big and pac but i wasnt really into the rap game like that for real. i mess with em and nas and think that nas won the battle...but jay z just has like 2 or 3 classics and countless hit singles its crazy dudes has hella money. well anyway my number two is lupe you cant hate he a has a classic and his second was very far from bad im waitin for this lupend well i gotta read this calc man fuck college back crew what up
cutta holla at me

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Content! FINALLY

this is 3 members yours truly m geezy, kev, and cutta freestyle action we was leanin if you couldnt tell

drunk.wma -

this is just me on the leaning freestyle

Flowin.wma -

this kev doin what he do(not exactly sure what that

kev.wma -

tell us what you think...HOLLA

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fresh Shit - Hustlin Cover

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 - "Hustlin'" from Drew Innis on Vimeo.

Lloyd Banks

So my man g man that say on my floor tell me yesterday that one of them new lloyd banks tapes is fire return of the plk and i ws reluctant at first but then i decided to listen...i aint even gonna lie that joint was fire and it got me to thinkin i remember the old lloyd banks when g unit was hot and shit and he used to kill mixtapes like all the mo money in the bank shit. then the hunger for more was hard and then it was a steady decline until the release of rotten apple...i aint gonna lie when i first really started listenin to rap in like 6th or 7th grade gettin really into it lloyd banks was one of my favorites then rotten apple came out, it was horrible, and i stopped listenin to it. its like when rappers get money the hunger goes away and they start declining its shown in almost all rappers except like nas and jay and them.. but yeah dudes get too comfortable and it aint the same thats why so many rappers can get play when a dude hungry you can just tell and the shits good to me at least...shout out to hungry rappers these days wale, charles hamilton, bob, asher roth, big sean, among many more...HOLLA

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


im not one to give anyone the time of day that i dont respect but i feel like this shit gettin outta control...on election day and the days directly after it we all heard people talkin bout how obama only won cause hes black and hes not gonna change anything and i didnt want to address it just cause if we really get mad and do something those people will be happy deep down that i had a "nigger" response but come on dudes i mean its a great day a day thats going down in history and we have people sayin hes mixed not black and he aint gonna change anything (if you happen to feel this way...please leave the country) oh and when i say leave the country dont go to canada earlier cause i wanna go there soon lol...but seriously everything black people do to try and promote unity is seen as racism the man said have white embrace whats right is that racist? i think not cause theres been a good 400 years that the white man hasnt and thats not in general i know there are some white men that probably worked harder for this day then almost all blacks but im just sayin man this a time to unite not hate
and for the record i didnt have a problem with mccain i didnt vote for him but i did listen to what he was talkin about and it wasnt all bad i liked some of his ideas and he will be a good senator like he has been all these past years that he has been dude was just in the wrong election for real
had to vent real quick shout out to blogging
We BACK vol.2 coming soon...


Thats a title that isnt just for the blogpost its for the day...obama took office today and ive been waitin for this day for a awhile, you know the haters are hating extra hard today for them here you go...

that basically tells em what they need to hear so yeah im bout to continue watching the parade
and now the time for change is upon us...everybody needs to do what they can to help advance not only minorites in the country but the country and world as a whole

Monday, January 19, 2009


shout out to martin luther king day...its especially special this year on acount of tomorrow. i have class tomorrow but i decided im going nowhere until i watch obama's speech cause this will be historical but back to today. im forcing myself to do homework you know how it is. and me being me i refuse to do homework without some music and luck me charles hamilton just dropped a hamiltonization process best of tape that should get me through an hour and a half or so... anyway shout out to ravens on their season i was pullin for them to win but the steelers got at em. which i kinda expected cause the ravens did play 18 straight games and more importantly send prayers out to willis mcgahee...that hit was crazy and also scared me, that could have broke me mans neck but reports said that he was straight... ive been doing whatever i can to not do homework aka cleaning my dorm room and blogging lol so now ima man up and start

p.s. ima try to force myself to blog everyday from now on cause i feel like i have enough shit to tell the public lol HOLLA

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Okay, as you may already know I go to pittsburgh these days and its a cold around these parts as you know. but i had class on friday morning at 8(only open college in the area) and i checked the little weatherbug joint on my computer and it said -6 degrees. being from md i can handle some cold but i thought this shit was broke so i go to the weatherchannel website or whatever and this joint said it can get as low as -25 with the wind chill. my roommate sittin at his computer at this point while i wyle for 10 minute bout how humans shouldnt be exposed to this cold. i go to my classes come back and watch the boondocks(thats how i do) and chill at about 9 we got a bottle and me being a nigga im thinkin yo its kinda cold to be going out. but after 30 mins with the bottle and a roommate that was so far gone i had to go along for the ride. to make a long story short i was in 2 parties and had 2 meals and spent 50 cents. I also took the coldest walk of my life,(this is in between the parties) im my head i decide that a black and mild will warm my body up so i buy one shout out to the dude cause he lets me smoke some of it in the store and use a lighter i aint buy. then i continue my adventure this walk was a mission to meet up with my roommate who i had lost my hand was so cold that i would take 2 drags and switch hands and did this for bout a mile. i finally meet them at the o aka this food spot and we go to the second party. for people who know me personally you know when i get into that state of mind i enjoy rapping so i go and talk to the dj for alittle and see whats good with him they had equipment but wasnt really goin i guess they had it for the look i dunno so i lurk around until we dip and my roommate buys a cheesesteak and we get on the bus and back to the room. at this point he layin in his bed next to a cheesesteak i yell at him to sit up and eat it he dont listen.ENTER SLEEP.
EXIT SLEEP. this man wakes up next to half a cheesesteak on his bed. i tell him how i told him that he shoulda listen to me when i said sit up. thats a day in the life i guess and i didnt even wyle...i didnt plan on sayin anything in this entry besides the fact that it was too cold.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Jcutta MIA in this POW aka my house
Gotta go. Guards partroling (ma dukes want her laptop back).
Ill reach out to the world when I can B.A.C.K. crew whaddup

Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 freshmen

Ive been listening to alot of music over the past couple days and I truly think that there are too many good rappers. I have especially been listening to people off the 10 freshmen and ive been trying to pick who I think are better than the rest I have listened to full cds or mixtapes from: wale, kid cudi, charles hamilton, blu, asher roth, mickey factz, and bob. I dont really mess with cory gunz even though his flow is type wild and ace hood and currensy dont really matter to me. now of all of them wale and c hamilton are who I have listened to the most and at first thought were the best but after listening to blu and factz i really cant decide whos the best. asher roth and cudi seem to be on some other stuff which I vibe with but I dont really consider to be like great...not sayin that i dont enjoy it or dont think that they wont blow up. speaking of blowin i cant see hamilton or wale not blowing but maybe thats just cause of me being from md and having the ny and dc vibes real close it just seems that these 5(wale, c ham, blu, ,bob and factz) are really bout to pop off but well see i guess.
And another thing i cant see how drake wasnt on the list I havent heard a bad verse from him on the 2 mixtapes i listened to and i truly think he bout to get poppin soon. i like ace hood personally his cd was good but i cant see who would say he or currensy is better than drake thats crazy well i needed to reflect on my thoughts...Holla

Monday, January 5, 2009


whats good all?? im back at school right now. just had a good ass break had fun with the crew and all that. but now i gotta go to class early tomorrow morning and get back on this grind. man i swear once you get used to not being school your done and when your used to doing nothing with your life you go back to school. this is a never ending cycle for real man until you graduate. fuck it though my man pg hit me up today talkin bout a freestyle session for yall that dont know thats my man who go to school out here too. so when that happens ill put that on here. umm shout out to cutta he had his beat game right that whole break and we got 2 or 3 joints we gonna cook up in the near future man. shout out to the ravens man im a unofficial fan these days and i think we got it at least to the afc championship but well see i guess ima hit this up tomorrow though...Holla