Wednesday, February 3, 2010


im in here for the second day in a row and im chillin listenin to some 2pac right now .. i didnt really listen to a lot in my days but it does the damn thing .. i got some topics i want to go in about on here but i know its gonna take a long time cause ima actually start gettin real into it .. but anyway these days of my life i basically live in the library but ive noticed i never get anything done in there. i was in there earlier for like 3 hours and got like 3 problems done on this struggle man but anyway since i took a like "sabbatical" from the blog ima juss bless yall with some youtube videos of what im rockin to these days but im only gonna include things i dont think yall know i vibe to (aka i aint gonna put like slaughterhouse, wale, kid cudi etc) so yea!

and you already know that you can hear what im vibin to on saturdays 3pm to 5pm on (shameless plug!)

Pill is prob my favorite new rapper on the scence he goes innn!

Raekwon the Chef (classic album last year)

Jay Elect jus started listenin and i respect it

Cool Kids yall already knew but it KNOCKS

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We B.A.C.K.

man im bout to try and get this blog poppin again its been too long .. so anyway 2010 is here and since we have left the blog the usual has happened aka school partying trips home bluffage and all that other fun stuff but im bout to start goin back in on here for real .. i got a lot of music to talk about when i was home over winter break i started listenin to a lot of UGK and now i am lovin it and also for the record bun b new mixtape go in cop that ..

theres the link seriously check that out .. i gotta holla at some homework in the range im on this scholarly stuff man ima get back at yall soon

Thursday, October 29, 2009


its been goin down weekly for real .. on we steadily gettin better..and dont think the spittin has stopped its 2G's and B.A.C.K. any other afflilation just wouldnt be wuss good on the streets..yall know halloween is bout to be crazy ima be on some true mike g things for real maybe ill give yall an update sometime of an actual story or somethin sometime but yeah you know how it is..ight ima get back on here soon trill

Friday, October 9, 2009

B.A.C.K. Season - Game 2 Playlist

there yall go and if you aint know

B.A.C.K. Season Wed. Nights : 1am to 3am

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pac Div

i aint gonna lie i listened to pac div for the first time pretty much a couple days ago i had read some shit that they were the fake cool kids or some shit, and since im a big cool kids fan of course i was already decided that i was gonna hate but i listened to this song and it really was just rockin:

so now i kinda mess with them.. man for real its too many good rappers that keep coming out but at the end of the day it all dont matter lol pointless entry for real besides the song but who out got class in the morning

Friday, September 25, 2009

Low Point

the pack is really beefin with the new boyz this seriously may be the worst thing to happen to hip hop since ringtones..shit is ridic i mean can any of the dudes involved in this situation even rap?? at all? its sad man now we gonna have a bunch of one hit wonder wack ass dudes makin youtube videos about im bout to start listenin to rock i cant take this shit..cutta where the acdc tape at?? but yeah im bout to see whats good on some mixtapes and such..shout out to mike posner he goes in and i think j cole had the best verse on the blueprint 3 by far that joint was classic..holla


it wouldnt be pitt if i didnt experience a riot and thanks to the g20 it went down once again..hella cops..tear gas..a whole bunch of people that werent even sure why this riot was happenin and that is what happened there had to be like 200 cops man it was ridiculous and the bad part is its prob gonna go down once again tomorrow night but ima keep yall updated..i made my preliminary playlist for my radio show and yo its bot to knock for real next wednesday night ima change the game..trilla

Friday, September 18, 2009


im bout to have a radio show on thursday nights at the school station..more info when everything is official..ima keep yall updated..most likely it will be thursday nights 1am to 3am but ima let yall know

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Animal Planet

nothing else is worth watchin these days and thats how i truly feel..this swine flu is really ouchea i hope i dont get this shit man..that would type suck but fuck it either way ima keep truckin lol..ive been makin some crucial moves over the past couple days but i aint gonna write nothin down till things get official which they will ima let yall niggs know..i got class at 930 im bout to holla at this sleep just had to post cause im on my post everyday shit once again..

p.s. how hard could it be for a nig to get a damn work study job just tryna get somethin in my pocket for real i need someone to hold me down shit is real..and oh yeah cop that new raekwon its a very good look and you need to also cop another copy of that slaughterhouse..the rest really dont matter these days..and the blueprint 3 was straight but this dude said it was supposed to be a classic come on dude..that swizz beats song singlehandedly stopped those aspirations lol..that joint really was horrible LOL!!!! im out

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Research Experiment

okay so i got this project im bout to start..its a 2 part experiment..the first part is ima prove that listenin to gucci mane actually makes you dumber..its gonna be like super size me..ima do all my homework while listenin to gucci for a week and ima see how that goes..then ima do it with any other random music the next week and see what that may be biased so ima have rats run in a maze to some cheese or whatever and ima have it with some random music the first couple times then ima have em do it with some gucci bout to scientifically prove this shit cause i already personally know its true...and the second part is ima prove that gucci music is also addictive i know hella dudes that hated gucci and they listened to it cause they liked certain songs or beats and now they kinda are fans (i think im included in this) this aint a joke though im dead ass serious..maybe im crazy i dunno ima get back to yall on this shit though i swear its true..and oh yeah im back on the everyday post shit

sidenote: you cant look me in the eye and tell me kid cudi is a rapper i enjoy his music but this nigga aint a rapper..i might go in bout that another time..trill