Sunday, July 12, 2009


so apparently this man lebron got dunked on by a college dude jordan crawford or somethin and then he made a call and got all tape of the incident taken away by nike officials..i mean come on yo im not one to agree with skip bayless' outlook on anything in the sports world usually but even he got you on this one (not that you would give a fuck bout my outlook) basically it just makes you like a premadonna and thats not what the world wants we would want a guy who would laugh it off .. cause thats what we would have expected from jordan and thats what dude is supposed to be sometimes you gotta let another dude have shine i mean even the king should let the jester shine occasionally dawg but who am i to say anything i might put the clip off of 1st and 10 on here later if i feel like it ima do a couple posts tonight probably bout life these days..

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