Wednesday, February 3, 2010


im in here for the second day in a row and im chillin listenin to some 2pac right now .. i didnt really listen to a lot in my days but it does the damn thing .. i got some topics i want to go in about on here but i know its gonna take a long time cause ima actually start gettin real into it .. but anyway these days of my life i basically live in the library but ive noticed i never get anything done in there. i was in there earlier for like 3 hours and got like 3 problems done on this struggle man but anyway since i took a like "sabbatical" from the blog ima juss bless yall with some youtube videos of what im rockin to these days but im only gonna include things i dont think yall know i vibe to (aka i aint gonna put like slaughterhouse, wale, kid cudi etc) so yea!

and you already know that you can hear what im vibin to on saturdays 3pm to 5pm on (shameless plug!)

Pill is prob my favorite new rapper on the scence he goes innn!

Raekwon the Chef (classic album last year)

Jay Elect jus started listenin and i respect it

Cool Kids yall already knew but it KNOCKS

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