Thursday, September 10, 2009

Animal Planet

nothing else is worth watchin these days and thats how i truly feel..this swine flu is really ouchea i hope i dont get this shit man..that would type suck but fuck it either way ima keep truckin lol..ive been makin some crucial moves over the past couple days but i aint gonna write nothin down till things get official which they will ima let yall niggs know..i got class at 930 im bout to holla at this sleep just had to post cause im on my post everyday shit once again..

p.s. how hard could it be for a nig to get a damn work study job just tryna get somethin in my pocket for real i need someone to hold me down shit is real..and oh yeah cop that new raekwon its a very good look and you need to also cop another copy of that slaughterhouse..the rest really dont matter these days..and the blueprint 3 was straight but this dude said it was supposed to be a classic come on dude..that swizz beats song singlehandedly stopped those aspirations lol..that joint really was horrible LOL!!!! im out

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