Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Research Experiment

okay so i got this project im bout to start..its a 2 part experiment..the first part is ima prove that listenin to gucci mane actually makes you dumber..its gonna be like super size me..ima do all my homework while listenin to gucci for a week and ima see how that goes..then ima do it with any other random music the next week and see what happens..now that may be biased so ima have rats run in a maze to some cheese or whatever and ima have it with some random music the first couple times then ima have em do it with some gucci on..im bout to scientifically prove this shit cause i already personally know its true...and the second part is ima prove that gucci music is also addictive i know hella dudes that hated gucci and they listened to it cause they liked certain songs or beats and now they kinda are fans (i think im included in this) this aint a joke though im dead ass serious..maybe im crazy i dunno ima get back to yall on this shit though i swear its true..and oh yeah im back on the everyday post shit

sidenote: you cant look me in the eye and tell me kid cudi is a rapper i enjoy his music but this nigga aint a rapper..i might go in bout that another time..trill

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