Wednesday, June 3, 2009


man being on summer vacation makes me want to take a summer vacation...and my choice is toronto ive been international aka mexico once and i want to expand my borders once again..i think being in toronto will cause for some skool house mischief and a overall good time and isnt that the point of all vacations lol...but for real i want me a canadian chick to show me whats good out there cause for all i know that might be the place i decide to take this random 2 years of living thing to

basically i decided that i wanna move somewhere for 2 years where i can just switch it up and see if i enjoy it at first it was i wanna move to miami but there is so many places just in the country that are interesting that its hurting my ability to choose..i was thinking somewhere warm like florida or the atl but chi town or boston wouldnt be a bad look either...ima east coast type guy so i dont think i could do the central or western time zones but who knows maybe after i graduate ill just apply to a whole bunch of random places and the one that gives me the most money will be where i venture off to..hopefully the winner isnt in harford county maryland but thats not out the question either i guess..i just never wanted to be one of them dudes that always lived close to home hold up i cant be that i go to school in pittsburgh..and for the record that is not on my list of places to live i been there once no reason to do it again lol..i just hope i dont end up in south dakota or some shit where i go to a bar and chill with moose or some shit lol...i just cant see that whole living with the parents thing going down because when im making this money for real ima be on some reckless shit lol and my house wont allow that..but thats the one thing about the future the only thing you can plan for is plans to fuck up and for life to run its course so basically this whole life living plans talk means nothing cause if they offer 150k a year in iraq my ass gonna be chillin with osama lol but seriously the only way the see where you gonna end up is to let yourself go...holla


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