Friday, June 5, 2009


so everytime i go to the gym i know im guaranteed to see certain things and it seems like if you dont have them your not an official the naked old white in the locker room(no homo) but everytime its one of these niggas in there its like they pay dude to stand there all day..also you got the muscle bound ass niggas that just bench i oud go to the gym 3 straight days and see a nigga slam benchin like 350 easily big as shit for no you washed up ex college athletes wearin they gear that dont fit anymore aka the villa julie lacrosse player i seen in there yesterday who was round my size with a medium hoody on..niggas need to learn when it time to move on like the nigga on the football team in high school that was marginally good but was always talkin bout takin it to the next level and goes to like some little school and plays thinkin he gonna go to the league and trys to combine it out and shit man personally i felt since i wasnt big enough to go d1 fuck it ima make my millions a different way and from what i seen by dudes who do play d1 they lives suck yo i couldnt wake up at 5 to go lift man i dont even like wakin up at 7:45 for real..but thats just me...another thing about the gym is the sexy ass chick/milf thats doin some easy ass machine or workout aka showin off what she got to everybody and i be seein the ladies thats in their grindin mad as shit cause everybody in the joint know they workin hard to get where she seem like over half of the people in the gym are there for reasons other than strictly workin out but thats a metaphor basically a lot of the time in life you are doing one thing only because of another thing..or maybe thats just me overthinkin dudes and chicks tryna get beach bodies lol holla

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