Friday, June 5, 2009


yo i been thinkin bout it and i think neyo is gonna go down as one of the best to do what he do cause this man be rockin i dont know anybody who dont vibe with his work..the same could be said for the dream too but i mess with neyo more cause i dont even listen to too much r&b being the rap head that i am but if you let all his joints ride i am gonna have no problems with that..i was watchin that keri hilson video and man him and kanye both ripped that joint man if someone can get me a version of that with minimal keri kilson i would appreciate very much..cause i aint gonna lie i dont really do the whole female music scene but i must say the chick on cookies and apple juice ripped it and the chick that spit on gone fishing ripped it..and also lil kim greatest female rapper..but anyway why isnt there a ranking for the top 5 singers out i guess it would be 1 neyo 2 dream 3 john legend 4 jamie foxx 5 chris brown i aint gonna lie i put no thought or effort into that at all besides the first 2..anyway top 5 rappers doin they thing as of june 5 at 1:46 PM in my book:
1)Rick Ross: Tell me deeper than rap wasnt type classic
2)Cool Kids: Gone fishing-i think im addicted to it
3)Drake: This nigga really took over the game...
4)Kanye: He be rippin..I need a cd
5)Wiz Khalifa: Flight school was hard

I woulda put wale if that mixtape ever come out man i need that in life well i did what i do done for now...holla


  1. Listen to Cassidy Apply Pressure... Classic Mixtape.....

  2. okay ima do that i aint get a chance yet