Sunday, September 6, 2009


this weekend has been pretty good and the best part is..we still got another night so you know ima have to get wild once again..but let me update yall on some things that are goin down/bout to go down..first and foremost the 2g's mixtape aka mixed rape lol..but im startin this bitch you aint cute movement if you try to be nice and talk to a girl at a party and she is not responsive just hit her with a bitch you aint cute, i feel like sometimes that is exactly what they need to hear lol..well ive been listenin to this slaughterhouse cd lately and i really enjoy this joint that real rap and shout out to the new forever by drake and all them its such a good look..and for all that know me you know im ouchea chillin watchin animal planet right now they got elephants as the topic right now..i swear this is the greatest channel ever..ima holla at yall later

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