Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hungry, why wait?

Today i went on a blunt ride with some friends, only it was less of a ride and more of a parked on the side of the road dealeo. In the begining everything was cool we got a good one rotaton in then a cop passed so we decide to leave that spot. while driving all of a sudden we notice the cop popped up again, this time he was behind us so just to be cautious we put the blunt out and lited cigarettes to cover up the smell. the cop kept following so we took a turn to leave that area. the cop kept going straight so we thought everything was straight..... then out of nowhere again robocop is on the tail so we pass the blunt to someone in the back and tell em if we get pulled over to eat it. of coarse they were like aight. i know yall been in a situation before or atleast said or heard someone say "if anything go down eat the stash" or something to that nature but you never think it actually gotta be done...... this wasnt the case. we started to make moves on getting on a busy street to try to lose the rent-a-cop but he knew the deal and before we made it to the light he turned the lights on and pulled us over so we told em to get the munching. dude ask for the license and all that then my man ask why he got pulled over (stay on your toes when it come to this stuff) the cop wasn't ready for that and didnt have nothing so he tried to throw some bullshit about the tints on the windows. for some strange reason today i forgot my wallet and just my luck dude ask me for id and i didnt have any. so then he's pressing me out about whats my name, how do you spell it, where i live, when im born, that whole thing. but whole time robo wasnt even writing it down he was just sticking his head in the car trying smell the herb(normally im against the use of tobacco produts but this time they came in handy cause all he could smell was that poisonous nicotine). then he pulls out the one that ate the blunt takes em to his car and shows em some papers they come back then he comes to my window and shows me the paper with a picture of a dude robbing a bank. robocop ask me if i knew that person and ofcoarse i was like no (i really didnt know dude tho and if i did i wasnt going say yeah) then he says oh i was just wondering because he kinda looks like you..... what a fucking geniuse!!! lets just say i did rob the bank and the cop showed me a picture of myself caught in the act and then asked me if it was me....of coarse im not going to say yes. im mean if it was you would you say yes??? i think not. now back to it. i dont even see how he thought it looked like me, the dude in the pic was wearing a hat down to the top of his eyes and a bandana on his face up to the bottom of his eyes. well actually i do see why, the dude was black with dreads. remember my first blog post where i talked about being a 6ft 4in black dude with dreads living in harford county. see i wasnt being a crying black person pulling the race card, i mean when the last time any of yall been told yall look like somebody that robbed a bank just cause yall got the same skin color and hair style. but hey im over it cause i been through alot with these bored ass cops out here and all cops in genral but this time he had nothing on us so we got our first win!!! it was a feeling of triumph. Quote of Wensday "this must be how it feel for girls" cause ladies yall know yall stay getting off with a warning if anything. i guess the only downfall is the buzz i missed out on but hey you live and you learn and we aint parking on that street nomore besides there'll be more times to blaze. B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!!!

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  1. nigga cutta is back!! i fuck with it...fuck all harford county cops trill