Monday, February 16, 2009


So the daytona 500 was today and i have a thought about nascar...i mean its cool i guess some people like it but for real isnt it a gas shortage in the world i mean these niggas is drivin in a damn circle for 500 laps just dont make sense to me but i aint hatin for real...i aint tryna stop anybody from gettin they money (shout out to jeff gordon)

so anyway that drake so far gone mixtape dropped on friday and this shit is fire i listened to it bout 10 times or more if you dont got that then go to his blog i feel important website droppin lol fuck it

i was watchin the all star game and i was hatin extra hard now i aint a hater but when i see certain things i gotta get it off my chest all the hate was directed to lebron and kobe i mean damn these dudes is extra rich and do whatever they want it was during the ceremony when they got the ass niggas...shout out to chris paul and chris bosh aka my 2 favorite players they get it in

on that chris paul talk them CP3 II's come out on March 3 and you know ima have them within the week they smooth i dont feel like uploadin the pic right now though lol ill do it tomorrow or somethin man

its black history month man im startin a new campaign read a book this month about a important person in our history or even a wikipedia page or somethin learn some of that history
quote of the day- "if you dont know your past then youll have no history"

or somethin like that lol it was said by a wise man aka my uncle on the 200th anniversary of haiti's independence yeah im haitian

sak passe back crew...trill

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