Thursday, February 5, 2009

True Life

so im sitting here watching True life and todays episode is "True Life: Im on my first year in college" Theres the boy thats just getting his total independence from living at home. he ends up partying too much and fails a couple test. the 18 year old girl thats stuck in a relationship with her "clingy" high school sweetheart, so she cant party like she wants too. and theres this dude with a kid that plans to go to college, become a walk-on on the football team, and give his son everything he never had when he goes pro. he gets told to go home after he tried out lls (laughing like shit; yall might've knew that already but hey I just learned it so yeah) dont get it twisted im not hating. i actually congradulate dude for stepping up and trying make a way for his son. he did more for his son in this 60 minute show than my pops ever did for me (but we aint going get into all that) i just find it hilarious, unrealistic, and kinda sad that he's banking it all on going to the nfl. well thats pretty much the episode in a nut shell.....(hahaha nutt~shell) and it gave me the idea of having my own "True Life: Im in College" episode. this is what i have in my mind so far just follow me on this. the show starts like any regular True life show w/credits and all and then theres a black screen with words going across in white that read True Life: Im in College. then the screen fades to a close up of my face and im looking staight into the camera and i say " Im broke as shit!!!" with a imphasis on "shit!!!" and then fade to black and roll the end credits. thats its. thats all folks. i like it, tell me what you think.

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