Saturday, January 17, 2009


Okay, as you may already know I go to pittsburgh these days and its a cold around these parts as you know. but i had class on friday morning at 8(only open college in the area) and i checked the little weatherbug joint on my computer and it said -6 degrees. being from md i can handle some cold but i thought this shit was broke so i go to the weatherchannel website or whatever and this joint said it can get as low as -25 with the wind chill. my roommate sittin at his computer at this point while i wyle for 10 minute bout how humans shouldnt be exposed to this cold. i go to my classes come back and watch the boondocks(thats how i do) and chill at about 9 we got a bottle and me being a nigga im thinkin yo its kinda cold to be going out. but after 30 mins with the bottle and a roommate that was so far gone i had to go along for the ride. to make a long story short i was in 2 parties and had 2 meals and spent 50 cents. I also took the coldest walk of my life,(this is in between the parties) im my head i decide that a black and mild will warm my body up so i buy one shout out to the dude cause he lets me smoke some of it in the store and use a lighter i aint buy. then i continue my adventure this walk was a mission to meet up with my roommate who i had lost my hand was so cold that i would take 2 drags and switch hands and did this for bout a mile. i finally meet them at the o aka this food spot and we go to the second party. for people who know me personally you know when i get into that state of mind i enjoy rapping so i go and talk to the dj for alittle and see whats good with him they had equipment but wasnt really goin i guess they had it for the look i dunno so i lurk around until we dip and my roommate buys a cheesesteak and we get on the bus and back to the room. at this point he layin in his bed next to a cheesesteak i yell at him to sit up and eat it he dont listen.ENTER SLEEP.
EXIT SLEEP. this man wakes up next to half a cheesesteak on his bed. i tell him how i told him that he shoulda listen to me when i said sit up. thats a day in the life i guess and i didnt even wyle...i didnt plan on sayin anything in this entry besides the fact that it was too cold.

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  1. this your cousin. im drunk. you shoulda gave me ur story and i woulda put it on TCT today aka a real website. shout out to -6 its 15 out here in murderland