Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 freshmen

Ive been listening to alot of music over the past couple days and I truly think that there are too many good rappers. I have especially been listening to people off the 10 freshmen and ive been trying to pick who I think are better than the rest I have listened to full cds or mixtapes from: wale, kid cudi, charles hamilton, blu, asher roth, mickey factz, and bob. I dont really mess with cory gunz even though his flow is type wild and ace hood and currensy dont really matter to me. now of all of them wale and c hamilton are who I have listened to the most and at first thought were the best but after listening to blu and factz i really cant decide whos the best. asher roth and cudi seem to be on some other stuff which I vibe with but I dont really consider to be like great...not sayin that i dont enjoy it or dont think that they wont blow up. speaking of blowin i cant see hamilton or wale not blowing but maybe thats just cause of me being from md and having the ny and dc vibes real close it just seems that these 5(wale, c ham, blu, ,bob and factz) are really bout to pop off but well see i guess.
And another thing i cant see how drake wasnt on the list I havent heard a bad verse from him on the 2 mixtapes i listened to and i truly think he bout to get poppin soon. i like ace hood personally his cd was good but i cant see who would say he or currensy is better than drake thats crazy well i needed to reflect on my thoughts...Holla

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