Monday, January 19, 2009


shout out to martin luther king day...its especially special this year on acount of tomorrow. i have class tomorrow but i decided im going nowhere until i watch obama's speech cause this will be historical but back to today. im forcing myself to do homework you know how it is. and me being me i refuse to do homework without some music and luck me charles hamilton just dropped a hamiltonization process best of tape that should get me through an hour and a half or so... anyway shout out to ravens on their season i was pullin for them to win but the steelers got at em. which i kinda expected cause the ravens did play 18 straight games and more importantly send prayers out to willis mcgahee...that hit was crazy and also scared me, that could have broke me mans neck but reports said that he was straight... ive been doing whatever i can to not do homework aka cleaning my dorm room and blogging lol so now ima man up and start

p.s. ima try to force myself to blog everyday from now on cause i feel like i have enough shit to tell the public lol HOLLA

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