Monday, January 5, 2009


whats good all?? im back at school right now. just had a good ass break had fun with the crew and all that. but now i gotta go to class early tomorrow morning and get back on this grind. man i swear once you get used to not being school your done and when your used to doing nothing with your life you go back to school. this is a never ending cycle for real man until you graduate. fuck it though my man pg hit me up today talkin bout a freestyle session for yall that dont know thats my man who go to school out here too. so when that happens ill put that on here. umm shout out to cutta he had his beat game right that whole break and we got 2 or 3 joints we gonna cook up in the near future man. shout out to the ravens man im a unofficial fan these days and i think we got it at least to the afc championship but well see i guess ima hit this up tomorrow though...Holla


  1. fuck this website. when are the new freestyles or songs going up. U on ur tct shit right now aka having a website than no longer caring about it. by the way its Diddy. TRILLA

  2. nigga its happenin soon...youll know when the takeover begins. till then we just gonna blog about whats on the mind and good job updating tct