Saturday, January 31, 2009


ross gonna beat 50

i said it...
i aint takin it back
if you compared the 5 lines in mafia music to 50 diss he won round 1 50 got the funny ass video though but im waitin for them to get to the music i think ross bout to prove himself on the lyric tip...hopefully its possible he gets destroyed...but for real as long as they spittin and not straight doin the youtube video shit back and forth im all for it


  1. mafia music was poppin. but im scared for Ross though cause he my nigga but 50 has been known to end careers aka Ja rule, fat joe and we all forgot about benzino.

  2. why people act like anyone cared about benzino outside of new york ever? 50 did end ja rule but some think it was cause murder inc couldnt respond due to legal 50 back then is very different from the one now

  3. i dont think 50 end fat joe career tho