Tuesday, January 20, 2009


im not one to give anyone the time of day that i dont respect but i feel like this shit gettin outta control...on election day and the days directly after it we all heard people talkin bout how obama only won cause hes black and hes not gonna change anything and i didnt want to address it just cause if we really get mad and do something those people will be happy deep down that i had a "nigger" response but come on dudes i mean its a great day a day thats going down in history and we have people sayin hes mixed not black and he aint gonna change anything (if you happen to feel this way...please leave the country) oh and when i say leave the country dont go to canada earlier cause i wanna go there soon lol...but seriously everything black people do to try and promote unity is seen as racism the man said have white embrace whats right is that racist? i think not cause theres been a good 400 years that the white man hasnt and thats not in general i know there are some white men that probably worked harder for this day then almost all blacks but im just sayin man this a time to unite not hate
and for the record i didnt have a problem with mccain i didnt vote for him but i did listen to what he was talkin about and it wasnt all bad i liked some of his ideas and he will be a good senator like he has been all these past years that he has been dude was just in the wrong election for real
had to vent real quick shout out to blogging
We BACK vol.2 coming soon...

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