Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lloyd Banks

So my man g man that say on my floor tell me yesterday that one of them new lloyd banks tapes is fire return of the plk and i ws reluctant at first but then i decided to listen...i aint even gonna lie that joint was fire and it got me to thinkin i remember the old lloyd banks when g unit was hot and shit and he used to kill mixtapes like all the mo money in the bank shit. then the hunger for more was hard and then it was a steady decline until the release of rotten apple...i aint gonna lie when i first really started listenin to rap in like 6th or 7th grade gettin really into it lloyd banks was one of my favorites then rotten apple came out, it was horrible, and i stopped listenin to it. its like when rappers get money the hunger goes away and they start declining its shown in almost all rappers except like nas and jay and them.. but yeah dudes get too comfortable and it aint the same thats why so many rappers can get play when a dude hungry you can just tell and the shits good to me at least...shout out to hungry rappers these days wale, charles hamilton, bob, asher roth, big sean, among many more...HOLLA

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