Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Album of Spring/Summer

so my nigga e-diddy hits me up today (check him out at asking me the order of how good the following cds will be in my opinion they where wales album aka Attention: Deficit, the last kiss, losos way, deeper than rap, and before i self destruct

now ima let yall know my outlook in order...dont get mad at me get swagger b. lets go:

1) Attention: Deficit- Ive talked to a couple people about it today and they all think that the pick is mad biased but to tell you the truth i really think the joint is gonna be a classic...niggas forever been sleepin on wale and he got somethin to prove man...dmv stand up

2) Deeper Than Rap- From all I heard from this joint its gonna be very good the nigga ross steppin hi game up out here for real.

3)Losos Way/The Last Kiss-They both been consistent with the good albums for awhile now if I had to give a tiny edge to one of them it would be kiss but lets see what happens.

4)Before I Self Destruct- I hope its okay.

If yall dont like my opinion nigga fuck all of you...:)


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  1. its the boy E Diddy, shout out to the BACK crew. You Know its going down this summer in canada/camdem yards/bourbon where ever TCT and BACK meet up. But Im bringing BARS nigga, get yall rhyme game up. and dont sleep on LOSO's Way