Friday, March 20, 2009


i was walkin to class today and i started thinkin bout a mixtape i could do that would really describe my life...and i immediately started thinkin about a joint called like thank god its friday or somethin where i just go through a entire friday and i just talk about what happens cause when you think about fridays are some long ass got class more class chillin aka should be doing homework time and then you go out and get it poppin(which is gonna go down in bout an hour for me) then your im back with a chick hopefully...aka the i wish i was with a chick and let me relive my day and talk amongst friends about it...i think it would work/be cool maybe it could go down who knows man

anyway highlight of my day so far was this wale chillin debut on the radio or whatever i cant live the joint is smooth but was tainted a lot by that early leak of the unleaked track i know if it woulda been the first time i heard that i remain a giant while you jeremy shockey line right then i woulda been goin crazy for real anyway i need to get this shower and shit ima leave yall with this song man and the download link...DMV we here...BACK crew you already...



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