Monday, March 23, 2009


okay man im bout to go all the way in on this one...on some poetic type shit

man through my days i swear that people do things and try to get things to happen to get a reaction that they want to even if the outcome doesn't matter particularly to them they just wanna see what type of things they can make happen...and the thing is when they dont get those reactions that they hope for they are thrown for a curve and just try to get it...its actually kind of funny when that shit happens when you feel as if your in total control and in reality you have none you most likely feel like a piece of shit (not that i would know) probably cause i never gave a fuck about that shit...i mean people still be on the high school he said she said and i was never on that from that jump...real niggas know what i mean man

anyway im on this new shit where you just put .com at the end of statements that shit is so random and type funny...


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