Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Rant vol2

this man jason taylor was cut from the redskins cause he refused to comply with a "workout clause" in his contract. the clause was that he HAD to do 25 off-season workouts. he said he cant bacause he just want to spend time with his wife and kids during the off-season. he was suppost to make 8.5 million dollars this season.... owell that aint happening. ppl saying he stupid for it but im like dude aleady had gwap for real... the type of gwap that missing out on 8.5 milli really dont effect him. plus to sum dude up real quick he came to the skins from the dolphins after the dolphins had their 1 win season (against the ravens) he was thought to make the skins d-line a powerhouse well that aint happen really i mean yeah he had 30 some tackles this season but he only had 3 sacks (aint good enough), he already missed off-season training before when he did dancing with the stars (which he came in second aka he lost) and homie 34 years old so maybe its just his time...
on the topic of the redskins, if yall aint know these dudes got bank (talking bout the fanchise)
and what better way to prove it then by setting the record for the highest contract ever for a nfl player. a few hours into the first day of drafting free agents they signed d- tackle albert haynesworth to a 7 year 100 mill deal with a guaranteed 41 mill in the first 3 years the maximum value of the deal might be around 115mill forreal but if you take away the 41 mill in the first 3 years and just look at the whole 100 milli over 7 seven years that mean dude pulling in around $14, 285,714.28 a!!!!! thats eating good out here man. imma for the skins allday everyday but im saying " aint we in a recession" but again im saying tho "if yall handing out checks like that then put me d forreal" imma Broke Ass College Kid and for that kinda money ill wash jock homo.... fuck it, it can be homo ill still be a millionaire haha.......B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!

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