Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mixtapes Vs. Albums

i just read some shit on xxlmag sayin that mixtapes have been better than albums the past couple years...for real when you think about it they might be i mean you got the black album, be, and food and liquor as the 2 best in my opinion over the last 5 or so years but no other albums were really classics then when you think about all the mixtapes out there think about how many there are...most people say something is really a classic or real good when you can go start to finish and let it ride ima look through my itunes and list newer stuff i can let ride...american gangster, the bake sale, be, black album, colin munroe is unsung hero, comeback season, da realist, graduation, hate is new love, kiss my ass mixtape, food and liquor, mixtape about nothing, mixtape monster, outside looking, paint a picture, port of miami, recession, rising down, seeing sounds, so far gone, stillmatic, trap or die, and we got it for cheap 3, 808s

so yeah on my personal list its close to even slight edge to mixtapes but i dont feel like counting lol...but for real who cares man as long as i can add to the list either way ima be happy


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