Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

I just got back from spring break...and damn man that joint got outta control. the back crew was in effect every night gettin it in in some way shape or form it was beautiful... but seriously like i was gone every night from friday to friday 7 straight days. when i got back on saturday i really had to sleep for 15 hours to get my life right out here. we def get it in man and we had a couple sessions im waitin lee to send me these files and ima have a mass post. this nigga lee really stepped his spit game up it was crazy he was rippin me on every southern beat and i was gettin at him on every northern beat...this is somethin beautiful in the making. the ceo aka jcutta was soakin it in lovin every minute man be on the look at for this beat crew movement...

ive decided ima actually try to write 2 songs over the next month and a half lets see what happens with that cause every time i try i end up gettin bored but ima do it a different way cause the movement needs to go down man cause i need to get some new cash flow oucheah...back crew holla at me...


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