Monday, December 8, 2008

B.A.C.K. 2 B.A.C.K.

Skool House whaddup, B.A.C.K. crew whaddup, hello world whaddup. The name is Jon aka about a million and one alias's sooooo yeah.... To add on to the homie mike g, I gotta introduce the dude Kev aka the man. A Broke Ass College Kid out at Frostburg University and a freshman starter on the football team. Shout out to my man Rich from skool with the dope beats and dope flow.

On another note:
So im in home depot with ma dukes and grand ma dukes. they looking at christmas stuff lights and what have you. im looking at prices for inslation and a sound barrier board beacuse we're building a recording booth in my basement. after i get done pricing the stuff i meet my folks at the checkout. while standing there i notice this old lady just starring and being a 6ft 4 balck dude with dreads residing in harford county im used to the occasional stare or double look. then i noticed she had a crew with her two deep behind her another old head and a middle age man, and they was staring too. so while texting the homie mike g the prices of the stuff and what not i would look up every once and a while and throw a wtf stare back but they just kept at it,which threw me off i just thought the hatred was strong with them. then me and my grandmother started walking out and she stopped to put her sunglasses on. so i turned around to wait for her and i saw the old broad pointing down at me (she thought my back was still turned walking away) she was pointing at my jersey, i was rocking my clinton portis away jersey and my redskins hat. then she started mouthing some shit to her old goonies behind her and her pointed finger turned to a thumbs down then she threw it on the ground and stomped it out...yeah with authoity, and her goonies started laughing. they looked down and saw me and i just smilled and shook my head saying the skins was going win then their laugh turned into icegrills so i started icegrilling back then it got to that point where i thought it was about to go down. then my grandmother got her shades on and we just dipped. it wouldnt have been fair anyway, ma dukes was in the car waiting so it woulda been their three to our two. i guess they was feeling hot off of that fake beef the ravens swear they have with the know "Battle of the Beltway" whatever what have you.

So with all that said:
the battle of the beltway is a nice little slogan or whatever but ravens fans WE (the redskins) DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. we dont even ever think about you at all untill the week in some cases the day we play yall. i dont think any team in the whole league thinks about yall. yall just want to rival with somebody so bad. when the skins think rivals only one team is spoken of the cowboys...lead by tony homo no romo (haha pig latin). thats a real rivalry that goes back ancient times,many many many super bowls ago,back before i was born, back when yall were still the Baltimore Colts, back with artmonk, back with naismith. so fall back.

B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!!

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