Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stumbled on to something

So yeah I should be studying for this math final, but instead Im doing what I do best. Listening to music, downloading music, blogging about music, etc. And I hate it when ppl make videos or something and then give it a tittle that they know ppl will click on (like lil wayne or something).
Im looking at Kanye videos and a bunch of randoms keep popping up. They were tittling their videos 808's and heartbreak to get views. But this one video/song by this dude i never heard of (I think he goes by Waxeom) was hard ass shit. I think I stumbled on a pot of gold with this one.
On that note I heard Wale's-Pot of Gold ft. Daniel Merriweather today. Also some hard shit, and in my opinion the third verse in both of these songs is the trillest. Check this shit out by that dude whats his name, The Adventures of Larry and Tina....

Peace Imma go study now...maybe. B.A.C.K. crew whaddup

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