Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Industry

Just finished this math final and its official. I dont give a fuck about nothing, fuck the 2 finals i got on friday ima do alittle studying but the caring is completely gone.

I just read the nigga cutta posts and yo the wale brother ali joint you right the dude did smash that song. So when i first heard it yesterday I did some research on the man and saw that he has 2 cds that were proclaimed classics and hes been on tour around the world among other things. Now the question I pose is how can someone with a great flow like that not great mainstream notice but the dude soulja boy is runnin around the industry like the king?? Someone explain it to me.

I just saw a video of soulja boy talkin reckless like he usually does but this time about charles hamilton. Now I like a lot of rappers but of the new ones out (10 freshmen or whatever) charles hamilton is 2nd if not the best with wale being right there with him (DMV what up) and Ive heard hamilton freestyle and damn he might be one of the best ive heard, so im watchin this video and im like why would soulja boy do it to himself.

Then I start thinkin about it and I notice that he dont give a fuck he just gonna start conflict make his swag music or whatever the fuck. Thats whats wrong with the industry man that nigga suck to me.

Another thing i was on the blogs like i do everyday and I came across some shit that was like wale said he lived in DC then moved to pg county (Cutta/Chapel Rd whats good) but he didnt say he moved to moco or some shit (diddy I see you) so hes a fraud and he wont make it. what the hell does that have to do with what he does the dude got flow and does his thing but since you cant get a street address inside a city the dude must kill himself? Fuck it im on my suburban shit. my black suburban rap.
im also on my epic trilogy shit, rap morgan freeman

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