Thursday, December 25, 2008

T'was the night before

What it is everybody?!?! Just a lil mini post since we've been slacking on that this week.We did a power hour last night so I spent all xmas eve recovering (sleeping my ass off and chilling). Well its night time now and the fam den put the gifts under the tree and went off to sleep, so you know I raided that liquor stash. I made a cup of henne mixed with some eggnog (only cause we don't have any coke) and a cup of some random mixed with pamagrant juice (hey ionno why). I only made two cups cause I aint want to get too tipsy by myself ( that would make me a loser). So now Im wide awake and buzzing, I walked pass the tree earlier and it looks like the boy gotta keyboard for xmas. Thats whats up, that lets me know that the fam know Im forreal about this music and they support me. I cant wait to see what sounds Imma get outta that thing but know its going be ...... Im sorry I cant think of a word to describe my musical genius rite now. Words like hard, trill, ill, good, great, killa, awesome, crazy, or dope just wouldn't do it justice and I refuse to settle. So Im off to enjoy the rest of my buzz. Happy Holidays yall!!! B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!

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