Monday, December 8, 2008

Flyer Than The Rest Em

I don't like to brag too much (about my clothes anyway...) but I look through my closet and I see some fly ass shit. But anyway to my point ima college student if you didn't know, I go to the university of pittsburgh and on the weekends I get fly if I go out and I stunt off lol. But when I go to class im in a white tee and im just tryna go learn or whatever and mind my business. Now I see a good amount of people a day and most of them are like me but you always see a couple dudes wearing their freshest outfits and stuntin off like their the king of campus. Now im nobodys father but why the fuck would you try to look good in a learning environment I dont get it.

Another thing if its the weekend and you tryna look good at a party nothin wrong with that cause the back crew/skool house is a coalition of fresh ass dudes but dont try to hard man dont try to wear some shit to look extra cool that might not work if you do best bet you gonna look like an asshole. Like i saw a guy in the mall when i was home for thanksgiving and he had on the red and black shoes with the red tee and the red and black hat , then he had on a gray hoody with some red on it. you can tell when a dude think they fresh too and he clearly did. Man come on now, i been on both sides of the arguement before I proclaimed myself a fresh nigga (sorry for using the not that i didnt want to be one. I never tried to do some shit to look cool or make my wardrobe do more than it could thats the problem with dudes these days. IF YOUR NOT FRESH DONT TRY TO BE. get a job and work your shit up drop a couple hundred on some shoes and hats then fuck with me. Cause man the shoe/hat game is getting up there especially being straight made off of a part-time job.

I like having a blog yo, that rant felt good man. Umm now I gotta go get ready for these finals yo...this week sucks for college students for week we puttin the music up its goin down the studio gettin built in the meanwhile holla at me

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