Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ruthless Toothless

Just got 2 teeth pulled, this shit feel weird. They trying say only eat soft foods like bread, apple sauce, and some other wack shit. Me being me Im like man Imma eat what I wanna eat so yeah, I chilling here with a microwaved 2 day old slice of pizza and Im trying to do work but I cant lie without my 2 canines its a struggle out here man. Waiting on Mikey to hit me so we can roll up to Gentlemens Edge (shout out to Vinny) I aint getting my shit shaped up cause Im broke and dont got 15 to spare at the moment. But I will be the freshest broke dude out here on these streets watch for me. Im just going cause I expect it to be an experience like always....B.A.C.K. crew whaddup!!!

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