Sunday, December 14, 2008


ive been on this college mission for the past couple months and now the boy got a couple weeks off to chill and all those things. so last night my first night back me and the nigs went out and did alittle of what we do you already know but me and cutta came to the conclusion the this back crew thing is bout to revolutionize being broke college kids by being the freshest niggas out here. man we had a little cypher too, i just had to let yall know the spittin comin soon, now a nig bout to watch some ball and listen to some shit i think ima do that wale highline ballroom performance that shit fire matter fact heres the link

Click Here <--Wale - Highline Ballroom Full Performance

Well go jags(even though these niggas suck...) and ravens

Skool house what up, back crew whats good

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