Saturday, May 30, 2009


i aint gonna lie i came into this blog post ready to write a play but i dont feel like it no more so ima just go in and see what i can do..okay got my inspiration this nigga game said on a song that he thinks hate it or love it was wack lol imagine the phone call between dre and game that wold be hilarious, and could only be topped by the conversation between game and jay-z cause that nigga really is bipolar but i respect it now we officially have the lakers in the finals i know david stern happy if the cavs make it to i might have to not log on to the internet or watch espn until its over ii mean ima watch the games but its just gonna be niggas deep throating lebron and kobe for real...well actually thats what it is now lol, but itll prob get worse

im on this anti-bluff campaign man i cant take the bluffin anymore i think its officially an epidemic yo like really and another thing some girls really be crazy in the head i be vibing with this drake song right here...

i be on this new shit a ignorant post followed by me on my dr phil shit...let me go get on the dr phil shit

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