Friday, May 15, 2009

Im B.A.C.K.

so ive noticed that after the best months in the blogs history we came at yall with the worst...this is for some obvious reasons aka i aint in school anymore so in my usual blog time im out the house but man the lakers is messin up in the game and the nuggets is lookin serious like almost as serious as the cavs so im thinkin that the end of these playoffs is gonna be a very good look...speaking of good looks shout out to crime pays ive heard a good amount of it and its been a very good look you for me! saving silverman is a good look yo this movie had me dyin joint is stupid for tonight im supposed to be gettin it in some sort of way but i got a feeling its gonna end up very interesting ill keep you posted...speaking of crazy nights i went to college park last week and i was so far gone word to my man and the boy cutta was in another galaxy man it changed my outlook on life i aint doin any reckless shit no more...then the next week im doin some reckless shit lol thats the back lifestyle i guess eggs is callin me keep it trill guys...

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