Sunday, May 31, 2009


man for real the only thing that i update less than the blog would be my i be on it for like 3 days then i dont go on it for like 2 weeks..i mean i goon there to see whats good with the people im following but i see no reason to update i dunno man if you got one holla at me lol

why everybody on lebron case for not talkin to the media after the game..i mean if i was him i prob woulda shook hands with the other team just to be a good sport but then the media is really just settin yourself up for failure..after all that work for the whole season and havin the team on your back them niggas not bein that nice got exposed and you already know that emotions were high so they coulda asked him the wrong question and he coulda went off..personally i woulda ever wanna talk to the media cause all they hope to do is get you to do some bad shit...but you aint really famous till you on tmz..speaking of that i got to watch some of the steve-o thing on mtv today and shit was really crazy when they said he became a rapper i was dyin they showed this man with hella guns chillin..then tryin to get arrested and the cop didnt do was all fun to watch to me till i saw that he was signed to universal to put out the album...shit really is fucked up in the rap game but i aint mad at him..when his sister said he was either gonna end up dead in jail or famous she was right that nigga was wild..they said he would go on coke binges for 4 days and just do crazy shit i missed the good part at the end when he went crazy or whatever but ima have catch that..ima prob go in later on some dr phil stuff once again


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