Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cooler Than That Guy

man this gone fishing mixtape is really in my top 2 mixtapes of the year so far if not number one so let me put this out there that so far gone by drake was good as shit im not gonna lie but personally i think i liked his mixtape comeback season more probably only because there was more rappin in comeback season but i just like that one a lot if your new onto the drake tip you should def checkout comeback season man...but the cool kids stepped their game up the bake sale is real good i listen to it a lot but when i listened to that gone fishing i was like damn...the rhymes is smooth and the beats are beyond hard like damn i heard the beat on the intro and was like i think this is the hardest beat ever puttin don cannon and chuck inglish together on the beats really is some first team all state shit...i once again ventured onto fl studio again tryna to make these joints and ill probably quit again in like 2 days lol but its all good man im bout to watch this jerry springer for a good laugh it really is enjoyable lol

and oh yeah the cavs are on a whole nother level these days got me thinkin that they might beat the lakers and the lakers got a tough road man them nuggets are lookin real crisp i feel like playoff basketball is a job theres so many damn games to watch but i do enjoy it...keep it trill


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