Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For the Ladies...

ive been going through what im going to call the bluffstravagangza over like the past week where the bluffs have been out workin over time which has thus accounted for my first extended stay in my house over break aka 2 straight nights and probably the reason a nig blogging right now lol but yeah i gotta say something to the ladies right now matter fact ima make this its own post hold up...okay thats done but lets go!

i just need the ladies to know that some niggas really are lost causes and you need to understand that i aint one to care what a nigga does if it doesnt effect me personally but ive heard some stories in my time and my only question is why would you go back?? if someone continually hurts you then why waste your time trying to fix your situation...and if you say thats its because of love then ask yourself this if the tables were turned and that other person was gettin hurt would they do the same...in my opinion if you cant answer that question with a yes then something is wrong love is love but love also needs to be a give and take think of it this way humans love animals but we must hurt animals in the way of hunting in order to survive but if we hurt them too much we wont survive...a perfect analogy for love because without stress and strain(which hunting is a metaphor for) you will never truly be able to tell if the love is real because anyone can buy objects and say words but hard times expose real feelings and trust me if the feelings arent real they will be exposed very quickly...with that said i really do feel that there are a lot of people that want to be in love more than they are necessarily in love and need to be able to tell the difference this may be hard cause you will be most unconsciously trying to mask your real feelings but if you can truly look in your heart and find out what you really think...dont hold back holding back inside will hold you back in life thats my quote for the night and its an original from yours truly so just let out how you feel and that will let out a lot more...

after that i feel like a relationship columnist or some shit...The Black Dr.Phil! yeah you already know

Quote of the Day: "holding back inside will hold you back in life"

lets go! send me a question and ima straight start a column why not?


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