Saturday, May 30, 2009

Black Dr.Phil

the question can you have your cake and eat it too?
i mean the obvious answer would be no but think about that...these days it seems like if you dont have a side dish your the only person thats gonna be empty at the end of the day...thats part of whats wrong with the world for real but think about it if you dont do what you do and the other half is then in the end you just gonna be double messed up in the game...somebody get me a tv show yo i need to go on oprah son...eff a psychology degree its too easy man
i mean think bout how much money this man dr phil is really making i just need oprah to put me on and im rich automatically no matter what i if oprah said everybody needs to cop the mike g magic life changer and it was a stress ball with a m in the middle i guarantee i would be well to do within the week, then i could just more stuff out and get too rich...thats a good ass life plan i need to get on that


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