Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rap Shit

so its been awhile but back to business...i hate when niggas try to base a person whole rap outlook on certain things i was on 2dopeboyz a week or so back and they posted the first eminem cd and one dude was like if you dont have this then your not a true rap head get off this site...im thinkin to myself this nigga need to shut up cause for real one or two opinions on certain rappers dont make or break if you got good taste or not i aint gonna lie i aint a huge eminem fan and i do enjoy some plies in my life...does that make me a lame i dont think so i still listen to biggie jay nas big l among others i did like eminem when i was little but i just dont connect with it anymore thats why i havent listened to relapse and dont really plan to i mean its just the same thing from that dude everytime not that its not great but im just sayin give me the slim shady and marshall mathers lps any day and im good even the eminem show but then i think it wasnt the same no more...the same can be said for dudes opinion on gucci mane i personally liek him when im intoxicated in some way but can pass when im sober but people make it seem like if you scroll through a man ipod and see some gucci that joint need to be tared and feathered...and i really just feel like if the rappers best material came out before you really listened to rap like that then he shouldnt be in your top 5 me and my man diddy had this conversation once and that was the reason biggie wasnt included (though i might have to give him an exception) thats why im not really a pac fan i just dont relate and i hate when dudes be like you dont like pac oh this nigga a lame man its opinions people...anyway this has to be the longest post in a month plus time im sorry loyal followers(if we have any anymore...LOL)


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