Wednesday, May 27, 2009


okay so i was on a search for a topic i felt like writing about tonight cause i didnt feel like going in on the playoffs for like the 30th i stumbled across 'Condomania'(dont ask how) so this is basically a article about AIDS and STD's in edition to teen pregnacy where you can check this out before i go into my detailed analysis ima start with my ways of getting young people away from not using condoms
1) When a couple goes to the clinic to get the abortion or fix for a STD make the parents be present and let their high school know or some shit...i dont care how hard you go(literally LOL) but you wouldnt wanna be known as the dude that had an STD in high school i mean that wouldnt put you on the fast track to prom king lol

2) If a nigga gets a non serious STD let him live with it for alittle while okay im not gonna lie while typing that i knew it was harsh and thats pretty much a joke man cause if not that shit would suck to a new level

i could keep going but ima go in on one of my im just sayin things if you burning let a dude know it will make things better for all partys involved cause if a chick call me 3 days after we have intercourse and tell me bout her herpees somethin very bad might happen for real...while if she tell me before things get to serious the conversation will go like this...

Mikey: So what you wanna do?
Chick: I have to tell you something...
Mikey: Good or bad?
Chick: Both...which one you want first?
Mikey: Bad then good...
Chick: I have herpees
Mikey: Lord have mercy...whats the good news?
Chick: I saved some money switching to geico!
Mikey: Thats whats up...I Appreciate you
Chick: For switching to work there or something?
Mikey: No bitch im talking bout telling me i appreciate it...i think i know a dude that has that too ill give him your card
Chick: Okay thanks...
Mikey: One more thing...
Chick: Yeah
Mikey: Is your friend over there clean?

lol...thats some classic shit but yeah thats how it would go if she told me now heres the phone call three days later if she doesnt

(Mikey's Phone Rings...He sees its the chick)...(yeah i used stage
Mikey: Hello
Chick: How are you
Mikey: Chilling whats free tonight?
Chick: no I have to tell you something
Mikey: Damn...what up though
Chick: I have an STD
Mikey: BITCH!!!!!
Chick: Im sorry
(Mikey does not speak he cannot speak, he will not speak, how could he speak)
(After 3 minutes of her sorrys and his shock)
Mikey: That shit dont transfer through condoms right
Chick: Yeah you should be fine
Mikey: Okay then bitch...
(Mikey hangs up...with a sigh of relief)

moral of the story condoms are good...i aint even gonna post the convo if there was no condom used i feel like ive blogged enough for the day...


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