Sunday, May 3, 2009


thats what it is we finally steppin up in this blog world...i was thinkin today and after being away from playing football for a year and a half my only sentiment left is fuck allegany(the school that beat us in the state semifinal) like seriously man that might be the only thing i have a legit hate for like i was at school and i saw a girl with a hoody on from that school and i started whillin man only cause we shoulda won man...jtowne all day everyday man but anyway i watched that fight last night pacman vs hatton and DAMN!!! hatton got knocked the fluck out for real like that joint looked like some shit fight night round 3 the pacman plays no just waitin for money mayweather to beat on this one dude in july so pacman mayweather can go down should be a fight for the ages or some shit...i aint really blogged in a minute man but i enjoy this thing feels good to be home i got these beef patties on deck hold up world...

so anyway the orioles have been hurting my soul lately man they need to start winning thats my squad since i have basically given up on rooting on teams in the NFL (still got love for the jags and ravens) and in the NBA the hornets hurt my soul yearly i really got the most love for the orioles outta any team and they consistenly disappoint they are very good at doing it though...wait till i get to camden yards though we gonna have a change of heart of somethin and get this world series i also got love for the nationals cause they goin through the same things we are in baltimore... i just got love for dc in general thats why i fucks with the redskins on the low and the caps get it in man (fuck the penguins lol) but yeah basically orioles all day i feel like dudes should loosely follow every sport shout out to my man james blake in tennis pause for the greatness of these beef patties

since im on this sports shit today let me give yall my predictions about these nba playoffs i got the cavs gettin into the finals pretty easily and the lakers having a close series with the nuggets and barely edging them out then i got the lakers in 6 games over the cavs but lebron will go off in the games and make it interesting im just a fan of good sports and man that bulls celtics series was something else probably 3 of the best games ive seen its crazy lets hope it keeps going in this direction

Possible Track Name: Spittin is a Sport

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