Saturday, May 30, 2009

Isnt It Friday Dude?

i know what yall thinkin...this dude stay talkin bout how he out and cant blog but he really gonna be in the house blogging at 1:50 am on a friday night but damn man its a struggle out on these harford county streets..i aint gonna lie i just got in the house but this is when the night is supposed to get good you feel me..but instead your boy is listening to gone fishing and the worst part is i coulda went to the orioles game but mother nature was on her shit thats why i gotta do what im bout to do...

Bluff of the Day: Mother Nature

we cool and everything but damn this whole rain thing is killin me i know the grass needs theirs too..but how you gonna have it raining when the student night goin down not cool dude...if you gonna have it rain just have it rain to the point where they gotta cancel the game cause the clouds gonna keep me away from the game cause i aint tryna waste that gas money you feel me..let stop talkin to mother nature lol thats some other shit

but yeah ima break this damn sidekick it gets back up bluff of the day for deciding to random stop working and only letting certain people call me...this thing coulda made me miss somethin good...but yeah i could go in on a topic for yall but i rather watch these videos of rick ross callin 50 cent a monkey lol this shit never gets old but like cutta tells me this shit is goin to far but ima talk bout that at another time

yo i was read through some of these posts and i stay sayin that ima talk bout somethin at a later date and i never do it lol oh well i be on my shit

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