Monday, April 13, 2009


my first happened by mistake
i find it kinda trill though

you were on top im on the bottom
so you learned how to ride em
but its not in that sense its different
happy im sad well im not sad you happy
ima proud dude ima keep it nappy
meaning real it for real
and for real fuck how you feel
im real chill never mess with feelings
so you ponder whats my feelings
am i sad nah i never really cared
thats true feelings bet i got you scared
i see you watching and i never take a glare
steady on my own road follow no one
and you on a parallel road but a slow one
watchin wishing we was that the same pace
but its been awhile since we was in the same place

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day Pt.2: B.A.C.K. Poetry Jam

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