Friday, April 3, 2009

The Eye

so im walkin today you know livin my life on a beautiful day i like to listen to some music when i walk and i look around alittle...since it was so nice out i did somethin i am usually dont do, i got dumb ass fresh to go to class im talkin flightposites o's hat fresh tagless you know how i do but yeah i got the eye and shit...half yall niggs know what the eye is its an interaction between a male and female on that we both know whats good tip...and i swear yo everytime i get the eye and dont bag im either disappointed in myself or mad it couldn't go down i know you feel only thing worse than gettin the eye and not executing is when you get repeated eyes from the same person...its like damn maybe its true that we never talked but you already know what it is...

anyway on some other shit in this nice weather i stepped my game up aka i got 2 bags of fruit of the loom tagless(i fuck with them more then the hanes for real) and some bout to step the hat/shoe game up also i feel like i got one of the crucialest hat games at pitt bout i guess well see cause im bout to let these niggs know man

im lookin into a new second home when i get bck to MD aka a recording studio yeah im really tryna get it in...well 8am friday class is callin me but ima start some new shit ima post a possible mixtape name everytime i blog

Possible Title of the Day:

The Chronicles of Gordon: The Rhyming, The Chicks, and The Wardrobe

lol...i fucks with that one!


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